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Question Yourself….. Are things not going the way I want them to? Am I talking about these problems to friends, family, people I have general conversations with? …..Now ask yourself . . . . Why? Is it because you want … Read more

by Sunjha Sooroojbally |

Are You Truly Happy ?

STOP!!    Just take 30 Seconds of your time and think about what parts of Your Life You Are Happy About……… If your mind was blocked just take a minute to sit quietly somewhere and let all the thoughts run … Read more

by Sunjha Sooroojbally |

Communication with “Self”

  Sometime we miss understand one another as we have not found the correct path to communication!! One should always be patient and observe the person who you wish to communicate with especially if it is going to be a … Read more

by Sunjha Sooroojbally |