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About Me

My professional life began in grade school. Being a fan of Science Fiction, I like many have been influenced by the big shows of the 60s and 70s. Intrigued by automated machinery ie. robots like Robbie from Forbidden Planet, Robot B9 from Lost in Space, and Androids featured in Star Trek. And of course the personable robots from Star Wars. At age 8 I had already been studying electronics, and been putting together various electronics kits. Also enrolling in any electronic course which an 8 year old could take

Graduating HS I went to College at nights for an Electronics degree major, with a minor in Robotics. I had obtained employment working on an assembly line making printers for the newly released IBM PC. Remember those Charlie Chaplin commercials back in the day? With College Tuition now covered and building a work history in the field I felt I was on my way to success.

Upon graduation I had found that the entire field of Robotics had been taken over by the Japanese and there was no way I was going to become a robotics engineer.

I remained within the company I was working at as during this time I had been promoted to Test Engineer. This meant I was actually designing and prototyping electronic equipment which would test the electronic products which came off the assembly line. I accepted a job working on the Star Wars Defense initiative. Totally uprooted and moved cross country. Right around the time that it got cancelled, so I worked in the defense industry until returning back to New England. And than discovered that America was rapidly offshoring High Tech manufacturing to China.

So now for the second time in my career in High Technology I was retooling myself, which is College, Training, certifications. I had obtained my degree in Computer Science and was working in the field of IT. After 20 years, we are now offshoring IT to India.

After 3 strikes in the world of High Technology which for some reason the United States doesn’t seem to find value in keeping in country. I decided it was time to take control of my own destiny directly. I branched off into Television Broadcasting and Feature length movies production. I launched my own company and have produced several TV Holiday specials, TV Commercials, and a recently released Hollywood feature length film.

Since this mode requires long term time and money investments I have decided to exploit the Internet for more rapid return income in order to fund my “Passion projects”. As I was researching all the tasks involved in accomplishing this I ran across the SFM method. This system is prebuilt, and ready to implement out of the gate. As well as a community of Subject Matter Experts which I can tap to grow my marketing business.

My goal is to become a major TV and Film producer on the East Coast, and the vehicle to that goal is by gaining marketing prowess on the Internet through Six Figure Mentors.