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Six Figure Mentors Scam

The Six Figure Mentors Scam was one of the first things I searched for when I first discovered the Six Figure Mentors System. I guess I’m a skeptic but I’ve been stung too many times for me to believe that there’s a system out there that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online via digital marketing.

Six Figure Mentors ScamI started my investigation into the idea of making money online in 2011. My first step (incorrectly) was to create my own product, it was a great idea and I poured my heart and soul into it. Once it was finished I put it out on the web and tumbleweed :-) I know to most it might seem foolish but I just presumed people would start finding my product on Google and start liking and sharing my posts on social media but no I really wasn’t reaching my audience.

So I figured the problem was with my product so I went out and found an affiliate product that was great (and it was) but again I found the same problem, I couldn’t get my product in front of people who wanted to buy it.

At last I decided to find a solution that would teach me everything I needed to know, provide me with all the tools required, mentor me to keep me motivated and on the path to success and a world class product that I could market. I know it was a lot to ask for but I found it and now you have too.

I couldn’t believe what I had found so of course I was skeptical and searched for terms like The Six Figure Mentors Scam and Is The Six Figure Mentors a Scam? I found three types of posts:

  • Failed members of the Six Figure Mentors claiming that they had lost all their money to The Six Figure Mentors Scam
  • Rival products hoping you would choose their product over The Six Figure Mentors Scam
  • Affiliates of the Six Figure Mentors writing posts about The Six Figure Mentors Scam hoping to show the real story

Just a little research will show that each of these three types are motivated by selfish means. The failed members are exactly that and don’t want to admit that they failed. I’ve yet to see one review that shows details of action they took that failed to get results. I never trust a review that’s just full of wild statements without proof.

The rival product owners are everywhere, by joining the SFM you will no longer be buying $20 books on the 101 best SEO tactics or whatever other information products are out there. Ask any internet marketer who doesn’t sell any information products and they will tell you what a great product The Six Figure Mentors offer.

SFM affiliates will always try sell the product and that’s their job! We’ve found a better way to make sales that doesn’t involve selling!

So I was in the same boat trying to get an honest review about The Six Figure Mentors, honestly you won’t find one as all review will fit into the three categories above. The only sure way to find out is to join the SFM! I know, I know that’s like saying the only sure way to know where the edge of the cliff is, is to keep walking :-) Worry not… The SFM offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If you’re not convinced then you can continue your search using the same links that I used in my research of the Six Figure Mentors. You’re going to read some great reviews and some terrible reviews but as you do, keep in mind what their motivation is:

The only judgement that matters is your own. If you’re serious about finding out about the Six Figure Mentors then use their risk free 30 day money back guarantee. Simply apply now and if you can’t see the potential within 30 days you can get 100% of your money back.

If you’ve only just found out about the SFM and want to know more before applying you can get the seven day video training here along with my own digital business training series.