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A Little About Me !

About Me

A very warm welcome to my Digital Bloggers Website – Digital, and thank you for taking the time to visit this page !

I am assuming that you are looking for a way to earn online, either part-time, or would like to take that step and start a completely new career – often very scary I know !

I was in the same situation not so long ago, but before I go any further , let me tell you a little about me, and my background

My name is Barbara Blevins, and I live on the beautiful Isle Of Wight, in the South Coast of England, where I now run my own online business. Life now is very different, and I have never been happier – living near beautiful beaches and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle !

I work from home as an online marketer and coach, and I am also a member of the Six Figure Mentors, teaching others how to become successful online, and to create the lifestyle that most of us would aspire to.

I haven’t always lived here – I had an idyllic childhood in Kenya, where I was born and raised with my two brothers and sisters and other family members. My father owned a very successful Deepsea Fishing and Safari Business, and most weekends were spent either in the Game Parks or travelling down to the coast of Mombasa with clients. Looking back now – what BLISS !

Much later, the family uprooted and we spent several years travelling throughout Europe and Australia before returning to the UK.

Now in my late 50s, commuting regularly to London was exhausting and stressful .

I loved my work in the Advertising Industry – the sense of achievement and income it provided, but it came at a cost !

At weekends, I would be catching up on paperwork for the week ahead.

Yes – I had a great income but the reality of losing it all was a constant worry – how much longer could I cope with the commute and challenge of always having to be one step ahead of the game.

And lose it – I did !

About Me And What I Did Next !

From that moment, everything changed, and with a dwindling pension, and a pretty bleak future ahead, I made the decision to begin a new career online. I had already spoken to several highly successful online marketers who were earning sustantial incomes, working just a few hours a day, but more importantly – making huge changes to their lifestyles !

I needed to create a passive income – a successful business, that over time would require less and less day-to-day involvement, while still generating a considerable income.

Without mentoring, I was never going to acheive success, and I diligently researched online, finally joining the Six Figure Mentors !

About MeWhere Am I Now ?

Early mornings are spent on the beach on the island !   I now choose the hours that I work, and I get time to spend with my family and friends – at weekends they’re all down from London.

Life couldn’t be better -

I enjoy growing my business and sharing my knowledge with people willing to take that step .

I am currently working with people from all walks of life – complete “newbies” to the Internet/Online Marketing Industry, MLM’ers struggling to grow their businesses , and entrepreneurs needing to market online more efficiently.

I have managed to transform my lifestyle – something I would not have believed possible a couple of years ago, especially at this stage of my life !

To all you Baby Boomers out there – you can too !

Why not join me, or give me a call – you can find my contact details here, and I shall be very happy to have a chat.

Enough about me though – what about you ?

I would love to hear from you, and see whether we might work together.

You will be joining an online community of internet marketers and be able to interact with all of us, so that you never feel isolated working from home. This was the a key factor in my decision to join The Six Figure Mentors.

In the meantime , I have a special gift for you which I would like to send you.

Just pop your details into the box on the right hand side, or click on the link below, and I shall send you my FREE Video Bootcamp Series.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about me, and it has encouraged you to take that step towards a better future for you and your family !

I look forward to speaking to you very soon.

About Me




About Me