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Baby Boomers Who Can’t Afford To Retire !


Baby Boomers Who Can’t Afford To Retire – Is This You ?


Baby Boomers Can’t Afford To Retire !

I am one of them, and I have many friends who are in this category, and who know that they have little, or no chance of retiring in the near future !

Fortunately for me, I am luckier than most – I can change my future, and I know that it’s looking good  ….. but, what about you ?

Baby Boomers – The Trend

4 million ‘Baby Boomers’ are turning 50 every year, and many will not be able to afford to retire.

Maybe you can already relate to this – a pretty scary statistic, isn’t it ?

That means that over 20 million have turned 50 over the last five years alone.

Let’s see how that breaks down:

Per year: 4,000,000
Per day (4.0 mil / 365): 10,958
Per hour (10.6 k / 24): 456
Per minute (456 / 60): 7.1

And 7.1 per minute amounts to one every 8.5 seconds.

There are many, many Baby Boomers out there – perhaps you are someone who has worked hard for most of your life, and now face a bleak future ahead as you approach retirement.

Nowadays there is huge unemployment…a massive spending shift to online buying…government debt that”s out of control…and huge numbers of people unable to retire.

If you are like most people, you may be affected by one, two, or even three of these converging trends, if not, I’m sure you know someone who already is !

Enough about all that.

Now let’s get to how you can take advantage of these trends to create a better lifestyle for yourself !

Here at the Six Figure Mentors, we teach you how to create exactly that !

Many people have joined us who are ready to take the challenge – many have absolutely no experience of online marketing…… we show you here at the SFM.

I’ve taken that step, as have many others who are now working with me, and I do hope you join us – let’s work towards a better future… together !

Who Ever Said That Baby Boomers Can’t Afford To Retire !


Baby Boomers Who Can’t Afford To Retire – Access Here



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