Digital Bloggers

Digital Bloggers

Digital Bloggers – Welcome !


My Banner This is the Digital Bloggers Platform.

I shall explain exactly what this means and how it can help you – just as it has done for many members !


The Six Figure Mentors Internet Marketing Coaching, Training and Education Program have recently launched this media publishing platform, and it’s already attracting a lot of attention !


For members who are joining the SFM, this is a great way to start blogging easily, with no setting up of website or knowledge of technology.


If you are familiar with WordPress, then you’ll know how easy it is to use, and the Digital Bloggers Platform is based on this – but we’ve made it even easier !


You can get started in ‘easy mode’ as you learn the basics of wordpress before moving on to ‘advanced mode’ – and we teach you exactly how to do this .

The Digital Bloggers Platform is an inclusive product within The Six Figure Mentors, and members are already seeing the benefits of this.

As more and more members contribute to the blogging platform, this will ensure that the blog posts of the members are more likely to be seen by Google and the other main search engines.

This in turn will reflect in the Alexa Ranking !

Digital Bloggers

It is of course early days, but with members blogging daily ( and the numbers growing fast ) it will only be a matter of time before their ranking improves.

Just Click The Alexa Button To See How We’re Doing!


Digital Bloggers Platform is a great resource, and perfect for anyone wanting to get started the easy way !


If you’re ready to take action and join us – Click On The Link Below !


Digital Bloggers

  Digital Bloggers Welcome !


Digital Bloggers



Digital Bloggers