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How To Flourish In The Digital Economy

The Digital Economy Is Here – Are You Ready ?

The only economy that matters is the one you’re in !

In this keynote presentation given to a mastermind of 50 digital marketers in London, Jay Kubassek talks about the DIGITAL ECONOMY.

There are two economies… one that has been dying a slow death for the last 5 years and another that has exploded with 250% growth in the same time period.

Thousands of people have already identified this trend and have begun making the shift to the Digital Economy – their goal is not only to survive, but flourish and succeed, leaving the stress and inconvenience of the Traditional Economy behind.


Will You Flourish In The Digital Economy ?


Which economy are you living in, how will you embrace 2013 ?

Imagine What Your Digital Life Could Look Like !

  • Imagine a life without limits.
  • A life without boundaries or limitations – a life where you call the shots, and write your own cheque !
  • Imagine being able to do what you want, and having control over your life.
  • Imagine financial freedom and independence – answering to no one !


Millions of people are now realising that there is another way – a better way to live than the ‘traditional economy’ is offering.

They have the desire – a digital life is the solution !

That’s what I, Barbara Blevins, am here to show you today.

You need to do what successful people do if you want to have the success they have !

At the Six Figure Mentors we have a marketing system that eliminates the vast majority of variables that cause people to fail !
( watch the video presentation )
The Digital Economy
The sole purpose of the Academy is to offer the most prestigious collegiate-level, business training to members so they may achieve financial independence – as independent online entrepreneurs – within three years or less.
You’re with the right people…the right community…. the right product line…the right mentors …and the right system.!
The Digital Economy
The Digital Economy

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