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How To Use Video Emails In Your Autoresponder

Video Emails Can Bring Your Brand To Life !


Video EmailsThey get your prospects’ attention.

They bring a voice to an otherwise silent message ….. and if they spark enough interest, they get passed around.

A success story from a real person or a guide to using your products can give a whole new dimension to your marketing.

Videos in email marketing have become more and more popular, and a recent survey has shown that videos can actually increase click-through rates by 96% .

Interestingly, research has found that including the word ‘video’ in your subject line increased ‘opens’ by 20% over subject lines without that word.

Video Emails can have a positive effect on subscriber activity, and speed the process of list building.

But how is it done ?

Firstly , you will need an Autoresponder (click to learn more), and I only recommend tools and products that I use myself and which I believe will assist you with your online marketing and growing your business.

Autoresponders are probably one of the most important tools you will need to be successful online – absolutely essential for building your list of followers, and for sending video emails.

Firstly, set up an account with an autoresponder service –a quick Google search will show there are many autoresponders on the marke, however, most marketers would regard Aweber as the ‘Rolls-Royce Of Autoresponders’. Video Emails

Now, you need to create your video, and you want to consider the following …..

What Should My Video Be About ?

Subject matter is important, but is actually quite easy to create content on your blog – almost any aspect of your business could be supported with a video.

Almost everyone has something to say about their business, and here are some quick topic ideas for your next video:

  • A brief description of your business
  • A demonstration of your product
  • A testimonial from a client/customer

How Long Should A Video Be ?

Generally, 1- to 2-minute videos work best … you may record more, but during the editing process you’ll trim it significantly.

Video EmailsGetting Your Video In Your Email

Should you embed the video directly into your email ?

You could, but it may not be the best idea, and here’s why ..

Certain tools that allow you to embed video directly can cause your email to be blocked by some ISPs, or cause the video to not play correctly in someone’s inbox, and you don’t want to risk this !

Linking your video to an image is better a better option.

If you’d like to know how this is done, I’ve added a link to Aweber, which explains the process very clearly.

By regularly emailing your list with content of value to them , and not just trying to promote or sell a product, you will build a strong connection.

They will not only read your emails, but look forward to receiving them, and perhaps, even respond to them, visit your site and become more likely to do business and repeat business with you.

Remember, people buy from those they know and trust, and an autoresponder helps you build that trust.

Automate the process of email marketing, with video emails as much as possible and then you can kick back and watch the results unfold.

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Video Emails





Video Emails – Using An Autoresponder

To Your Success !

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