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Being an Online Entrepreneur with Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.


Living the life that you think you have to live !


Are you ready to become an online entrepreneur with the Digital Experts Academy ?

Millions of us have followed the conventional route of an education, and expectations of a ‘job’, that in time will result in a comfortable retirement with a pension.

The reality has come as a shock for most of us, particularly as we are now expected to work harder and longer ….. often just to survive.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross discuss the moment they each took the decision to break away from the daily grind and change their lives …. within months !


Hard to believe, BUT, there has never been a better time to make that change, and as member of the Six Figure Mentors, I work with many successful marketers, many of whom are now 6 and 7 figure earners.

With all the tools and resources ( you may not even be aware of ), and technology out there ….. your ultimate choice is to make the decision whether you want to be a part of it !

Stuart talks about the basic skill sets needed to make that transition to a digital lifestyle, and how working online has changed dramatically over the years.

Listen to how many of our students are now earning $8,000 commissions in a day, whilst others are on target to earn 7 figure incomes, using the training systems that are provided here at the Six Figure Mentors / Digital Experts Academy.

It isn’t just about the money … it’s about creating a balance in life – more quality time with family, more exercise , travel opportunities, and more time !

Work your own hours from anywhere in the world, to your schedule.

Watch the video here – Stuart and Jay explain how this can be lifechanging -



There are other options, and you need to wake up and consider what is out there !

Stuart and Jay ( founders of the SFM and DEA ), both started with no experience, and have become multi millionaires, and are in a position to help you do the same.

If you’re thinking that this is too good to be true, and not achievable ….. please don’t dismiss this.

You can start online, and with our help, and resources, work alongside your regular business, earning with us until you feel ready to make that transition fully to the digital economy.

If you are coachable, then you should meet others in our community who have taken the step, and are now getting results with us …every day !

There is a lot of hype and false promises out there, and so, for our community, and to protect our identity, it is very important for us that we speak to you.

We actually get on the phone with you, and find out what it is that you want to achieve – we give you honest feedback as to whether or not we might be a good fit for you.

The result of taking the application process is twofold -

Firstly , you will know whether this is for you … or not …. and of course it isn’t for everyone !

Secondly, you will gain immediate access to some complementary training, on how the business model works, and watch some of the video trainings ….. giving you an idea of how you can transform your lifestyle !

Ask members in the community and they’ll tell you – “This is what makes us get out of bed !”

My message is … don’t wait until you are forced to !

As Jay Kubassek says, it’s much easier to reinvent yourself now , before you’re in a corner with no other options …. panicking.

Let’s get started on creating your financial stability right now .

The Digital Economy is exploding, and it is a booming economy – so why not get a piece of it …. the sooner the better !

Submit your application now … it’s100% risk free, and if for any reason you decide that this isn’t for you, or if your application isn’t accepted, you will get a full refund .

I look forward to working with you in the community !


To Your Success !

Barbara Blevins – Online Entrepreneur And Digital Experts Academy Member



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