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Pinterest Strategy -10 Ways to Optimize Your Page.


Pinterest Strategy -10 Ways to Optimize Your Page -

Here at the Digital Experts Academy, we encourage members to include social media as part of their marketing strategy, but if youhaven’t looked at Pinterest, then you could be missing out !


Pinterest For Business

In September this year, ComScore reported that Pinterest had penetrated the top 50 list of most visited sites in the USA. Not bad for a new social network that is barely 3 years old ! The same study highlights Pinterest’s explosive growth, which now equates to over 25 million unique monthly users ….and rising. What is Pinterest (Wikipedia), and why should you consider using it for your business ? Pinterest is a proven strategy for attracting more traffic, leads and customers to your business, but if your new Pinterest business page is missing a few critical ingredients, then you could be going nowhere fast ! Did you know that the way you set up your page – the photo you use to promote your business, the description you add to the ‘About’ section, the boards you create and where you actually place them on the page – can influence your Pinterest marketing efforts ? When visitors land on your page, the first thing they will see is your ‘About Me’ page, so it is essential that you use this to its full potential

Pinterest Open Sign

Pinterest – Open For Business


Ten Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Page -

  • 1 – Always have personal photo - This should be  well-lit headshot of yourself – remember, people buy from people !
  • 2 – Me, Me, Me  – Don’t leave this blank – tell people who you are, what you do, and what you can offer – don’t waffle, and be professional.
  • 3 - Location, Location  – As Pinterest grows, make sure people can find you  – local search will become more relevant.
  • 4 – Get Verified  – This increases engagement, gives you more credibility, drives more traffic to your site and boosts your SEO.
  • 5 – Be Sociable  – Make sure you take the time to ‘follow’, repin, ‘like’, and (especially), comment on other people’s pins – interacting with others will help generate interest and create a following ….BUT ….there is certain etiquette in all social media, and it is relevant here – I’ve added the link here to a recent post – Social Media Behavior – 10 Most Annoying Actions !
  •  6 - Organize Your Boards  -  Try to have at least 24 focused boards – this will help you create a lifestyle around your brand.
  • 7 – Board Placement -  According to Heat Map, the top 2 rows are where visitors focus when they land on your Pinterest page, so always place your best, most popular and relevant content here – this is prime Pinterest real estate !
  • 8 – Outside Interests  -  A great way to increase followers is to create boards on non-industry topics such as Food, Cars, Travel, Home – all popular niches on Pinterest
  • 9 – Mix It Up  – Don’t just pin your own content – ardent self-promotion is a no-no on Pinterest, so share and curate other people’s content alongside your own – again another reason to learn the social etiquette !  Get it right and your boards will become a destination for your followers.
  • 10 – Visualization - Pin a variety of content in different forms – add high quality, eye-catching visual images, and also include charts, graphs , videos and tutorial pins etc.

Pinterest is hot right now, and growing daily – time for you to get in on the action and learn how to use it CORRECTLY for your business.


Melanie Duncan – Pinterest

If, like me, you have been toying with Pinterest, wondering how to get results, but perhaps not taking it seriously, then I highly recommend that click the link and watch this excellent Webinar Replay With Melanie Duncan Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy ! Melanie Duncan – the ‘Pinterest success story’, has made a name for herself in this industry, and is the founder of the Entrepreneuress Academy.


Melanie Duncan – Pinterest

Watch how Pinterest can drive massive and consistent streams of quality traffic to your site – quality traffic that can turn into more sales ! If you are ready to take this to another level, I highly recommend the step by step training – The Power Of Pinning ! Stop struggling and let’s make you and your business a success. Pinterest

Pinterest – You Can’t Afford To Ignore It !


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