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Digital Entrepreneurs – Are You Ready For 2013 ?

Digital Entrepreneur

Yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking …. digital entrepreneur…what is she talking about ?

I’d like to introduce you to the Digital Experts Academy (DEA), which is launching in January 2013.

This is the long awaited Academy that has caused so much excitement amongst members of the Six Figure Mentors, and we are in the final stages of the launch.

The founder of SFM, Stuart Ross has joined forces with Jay Kubassek, both of whom are responsible for making $40 MILLION online for themselves and their students over the last 5 years online.

Now you may ask yourself how does that help me ?

Employee or Digital Entrepreneur ?

The ‘mission statement’ of the Digital Experts Academy is to create no fewer than 1000 financially self sufficient digital entrepreneurs by 2015.

With un-employment on the increase and the uncertainty of job security, now is the time to embrace the digital age and learn the skills to protect your future.

A ‘career for life’ no longer exists.

You should be excited right now because if you are reading this post and decide to apply for an application to join the Academy, then the next few weeks could be absolutely life changing for YOU !

It is considered easier to make more money NOW and create more opportunities in a world financial economic crisis than any other time in history…


Will You Flourish In The Digital Economy ?


Digital Entrepreneur

The Digital Experts Academy is going to change the lives of many who recognise this potential opportunity and take action.

Too many ‘push button, get rich schemes’ make false promises, and expensive information products are either out of date, or re-hashed and almost useless !

The business model has taken years of painstaking work, to complete a coaching programme, and takes ‘the best of the best ‘ training to create independent digital experts .

The DEA is a private membership and will help Digital Entrepreneurs become Financially Independent within 3 years.

Follow the steps required, take massive action, and success is guaranteed !

Members have everything required for success – just have the strong work ethic and belief , and we supply the training !

The coaching will teach exactly how to be able to market any product online and create a ‘digital lifestyle of freedom’

To find out more, and how to get started - CLICK HERE !

When you enter your email below you’ll be taken to a private page where we’ll show you how average people are achieving extraordinary results online by cashing in on the DIGITAL gold rush !

As a Bonus, you will receive your FREE VIDEO BOOTCAMP SERIES !
(training starts immediately)…


Learn How To Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur !

Digital Entrepreneur

To Your Success !

Digital Entrepreneur



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