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3-Steps to Successful Living

3 Simple Success Principles

One thing that I am convinced of is this: Every one of us has what we need inside of us to create whatever reality we want. (Listen to the WAKE UP Call episode below for more on this.) Today I want to talk about three simple success principles that when learned and practiced, you’ll find yourself living in a whole new world of possibilities.

Asserting these principles is the key difference to what separates the top 3% of successful people from everyone else. They all have this in common.

These principles aren’t taught in schools and I personally can trace my own success to these three simple strategies as a result of studying so many other successful entrepreneurs. It doesn’t take an expensive education or high IQ to follow through on them.

If you were to follow these three principles consistently on a daily basis, it is impossible for your life not to change in a positively good way.

Principle #1: Know The Outcome

Successful people know exactly what they are working toward. It’s something that lights a fire inside of them that burns so bright they let nothing stop their pursuit of it.

Know what you want, and make it as specific as possible. Once you have that figured out; the next step is devising a plan…

Principle #2: Create a Strategic Game Plan

You are only as good as your plans. Successful outcomes are a result of good strategies and game plans. Sporting events, business goals, and battles cannot be won without a plan. The success of all of these things are dictated by systems and plans; yet, when we think about our lives, how many of us have a plan for success? If you don’t have a plan, you are just showing up and playing bumper cars with everyone else.

Most people don’t have a plan because they don’t know what the heck they want out of life. (See principle #1.) Once you figure that out, you can form a specific plan to accomplish the specific outcome you want.

Specific goals drive specific actions to achieve those goals.

Which brings us to taking action on our plans…

Principle #3: Take Consistent Action

As humans, we tend to only work as hard as we have to. Thus, the secret is to have something driving you that forces you to take action. We need a goal that’s such a burning desire for us that we HAVE to get it done to motivate us to do more. Make it something you lose sleep over. Make it something epic. Make it awesome. It will be your motivating force; that target which never leaves your vision.

It’s got to be something you’re excited to work on every day.

Create a clear vision of an ideal outcome you desire, have a plan to guide you, then work your arse off.  Rinse and repeat. Imagine the compound effect of doing this daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly… It could be huge over the course a lifetime. Give yourself permission to go at your own pace and all of a sudden, a whole new world of possibilities exists.

Want to learn more about these success principles? Read the full transcript here.


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