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How to get lots of money for anything – fast!

DISCLAIMER: MAKING MONEY TAKES A LOT OF INCREDIBLY HARD WORK, EFFORT, AND PERSISTENCE. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS Back in early 2004, my personal mentor referred me to a book with the world’s most cheesy title: “How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast”. My initial reaction: “Yeah. OK. Show me [...] Read more

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Want to Get More Done? Don’t Worry – Be Happy

  My purpose in life is to give you a pattern interrupt. I am looking to be an inflection point in your life where you literally “wake up” to the power you have to change everything for the better. This past year has been a tough one for me. When I’m feeling anxiety, it comes [...] Read more

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Business or busy-ness?

Sometimes I won’t feel inspired or clear as to what I want to get done in a day. If you operate from that space, you’ll end up doing all kinds of peripheral and non-important tasks instead of the purposeful action that drives you closer to your goals. You’ll just sit there and bang your head [...] Read more

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Sooner or later, good or bad, it all comes back to you

  Life is like a boomerang. All of our thoughts are energy, and what we put out either comes back to us (like a boomerang) or hits its target. There is a certain impact to the thoughts going through your mind every day. That energy from your mind comes from your body. A guy named [...] Read more

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What we do today echoes in eternity

  I’ve been in London for the past few days. It’s like Europe, but English! It’s one of those things I always wanted to do, but never had a specific date or time frame to make it happen. It’s been an incredible experience. PRO will have a London office soon. We will be having about [...] Read more

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