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How I avoided years of mistakes and quit my job within 6 months!

One of the things I always found quite annoying when I first started looking at online business opportunities was the masses of products that told the old rags to riches story.

You know the ones that tell you about the dude who was broke, homeless and close to having a nervous breakdown….

But then they found a “secret system” by playing around online and all of a sudden started making $20,000 a month… And now they want to sell you their secret system for $37 bucks!! lol

The fact is whenever I read this stuff it just put me off even considering what they were selling or promoting… because frankly it just screams bullshit… (and it was)

You see I was never after a secret push button system. I just wanted to know what I needed to do to get results. But back in 2007, trust me, trying to find anyone that didn’t claim they had a SECRET underground system to get rich online was near on impossible.

Despite all this, just using common sense I knew the Internet was where I should be spending my time. I knew if I was ever going to live a life with freedom and flexibility then a JOB was not the answer and the Internet was. But I also knew I needed to avoid the endless amounts of crap that was landing in my inbox everyday if I was ever going to actually realize my dream.

So anyway I made a decision. A decision that ultimately changed my life.

- Stuart Ross

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