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Meet Paul. He went from newbie to experiencing $1000 days online…

Meet Paul Ingram.

Paul is a six figure earner in his Job.

He is a network engineer.

But the problem is his job makes him a little uneasy.

Here’s why…

#1. He could be laid off any time. Just like he was in December 2010.

#2. He doesn’t have control over his time. He has to work fixed hours.

#3. It doesn’t generate him enough cash flow to invest. He is an entrepreneur
and wants more cash to play with so he can make more investments…

So a few months back Paul decided he would look into generating income streams

This would allow him to have more security, take more control over his time
and generate more cash to invest.

Now, just a few months later he is experiencing $1000 + days online…

Not every day…. But I am sure you’ll agree it’s a pretty good start for a newbie!

Anyway Belgray, if you’d like to hear more about Paul and his journey from
newbie to $1000 days – make sure you watch the above video!

-Stuart Ross

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