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Sooner or later, good or bad, it all comes back to you


Life is like a boomerang. All of our thoughts are energy, and what we put out either comes back to us (like a boomerang) or hits its target. There is a certain impact to the thoughts going through your mind every day. That energy from your mind comes from your body.

A guy named Shawn Achor studies this stuff… Shawn is a happiness researcher (no, not the kind who lives in a bubble and is disconnected from the world); he studies the psychosomatic effects of happiness. He finds that there is a direct correlation between the kinds of thoughts in your brain and the way your life is going. This is measurable proof that your results in life are grown from the seeds of your thoughts.

This is why you cannot afford to just put out any thoughts or intentions into the world. In order to hit your targets and goals in life, every thought and intention has to be carefully and masterfully created from a pure place.

If you throw a boomerang without absolute accuracy, it will miss its target and quite possibly come back and hit you in the back of the head. Our thoughts and intentions are just like boomerangs in that sense. If we aren’t careful to put them out properly, they can come back and hurt us.

The gap in time between your thoughts (words and deeds) and the results you get in life, in general, is a gap that lulls us into complacency. Things are going well, everything is golden, and there are no visible clouds. But then one day you wake up to a downfall in business or a relationship that has fallen apart.

This is something I am speaking from a personal place about, having had this happen to me within the last couple of months. Maybe you’ve had some really bad news lately – something bad just hit you. There are things that happen to us that are beyond our control. (That’s called life.) But the vast majority of things that impact our lives are things that come back to us that WE put out into the world first. We created them either consciously, or unconsciously – regardless, WE CREATED THEM. Our thoughts and intentions are much more powerful than we know. But stuff takes time to go from formless (thought and word) to real life…

The intentions that I have today probably won’t manifest tomorrow, next week, next month, or probably even next year. Thoughts become words, which become deeds, which lead to actions – and the results follow at some point. It takes time for this process to develop.

So, let me ask you this today… “What are your intentions?” At your deepest core, what are you about? What are you trying to prove with your life? And, to whom? Is your existence solely about you and your big fat ego? Your bank account? Your image? Your opinions? Your reputation? Be honest with yourself. Trust me, it’s easier to do that now then wait until the boomerang comes back around and clocks you in the noggin.

You CANNOT afford to launch boomerangs that do not serve your highest self, you most sincere and pure intentions and interests. When launched from a self-centered place – that is a very primal state, and that’s where most entrepreneurs operate from. It’s a competition based environment. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. We all try and figure out how to get ahead of everyone else. But this isn’t the right space to operate from if you want to become the best version of yourself. And, this certainly isn’t the place to operate from if you want to build sustainable success.

Every time something breaks or falls apart in your life, that is an opportunity to build something up in a new way. It’s really uncomfortable to take responsibility for the crap that happens in life. That doesn’t come naturally (at least it doesn’t for me). It’s easy to take credit for what’s going well, though! For me, when something goes wrong, I go into denial, resentment, and then blame – and that’s a natural process. But I’m smart enough to know by now that that’s not the way things actually are. That’s the way they occur, but that’s not the way they ARE.

Think about something that’s fallen apart in your life. Take a look at that “boomerang”. When something actually falls apart, realize that it didn’t actually go wrong in that moment, but long before it. Now realize that this happened because you were coming from an ego-centered position. You were just launching boomerangs without thinking how they would come back to you later on. It could be a week, a year, ten years later, but these WILL come back to get you. Guaranteed.

A boomerang has no choice but to come back; if it is misaligned and misses the target, sooner or later it will come back to you. It’s a law of the universe. Wake up, my friends: what you put out there will come back to you. When you put out an intention, it has an impact. And just because it doesn’t come back to bite you right away doesn’t mean it won’t down the line! And when the boomerangs hit you, take responsibility for it – 100% – even if it’s not your fault. The source is YOU.

This works the other way too. Boomerangs that are thrown the right way, from the right place and with the right intention – will hit their targets and yield good results down the line. It took me years to make my first dollar online. You could almost say it took me that that long to perfect my boomerang… It took me three years of energy and intention to get to that point. But once I finally did, I was able to hit my goals with surprising consistency.

A very brief business relationship with one of my affiliate in 2007 recently came full circle with massive personal reward just now coming to me. At the time, I was already making plenty of money and needed another calling to push me to the next level. So I wanted to go out and create a hundred millionaires. I set THAT as the intention – the core driving reason behind my ambitions and my business. I wanted to help others achieve those results beyond achieving them myself. That message went out into the universe and people responded to it. It came back to me, and continues to come back to me in ways beyond my wildest expectations.

Some people call this “luck” or “karma.” I call it intelligent intent – knowing who you are, what you want, and why you want it. Then, setting you mind to it a releasing attachment to the timeline.

Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will come back to you. Ecc 11:1 (In other words, you will reap what you sow.)

When a boomerang comes back and smacks you in the head, it hurts. But it’s your chance to grow from it. That’s your chance to reverse engineer your failures and take responsibility for them. Grab the broken pieces of that boomerang that broke on the side of your head and put them back together in a better way.

Re-build the boomerang using what you’ve learned. Then throw it again. This time around it’s more likely to hit your target and move you closer to your goal.

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