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The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom

Freedom is a possession of inestimable value. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I am so grateful for the incredible environment that we have here in our country, and in most industrialized countries, to be able to create and influence what’s important in our own life.

Yesterday was Dr Martin Luther King Day here in the U.S. As I spent some time thinking about his famous “I Have A Dream” speech and the value of freedom I was reminded of how far we’ve advanced; how much freedom has increased here in the U.S. in just a few decades.

What is the price of freedom?

In his speech, Dr King talked about the slaves, about segregation; the absolute disadvantage that segment of society had.

Just a few decades ago there were people who literally could not achieve their life dreams because they did not have basic rights or freedom. Though we still have a long way to go, that’s not something most people have to deal with today.

Regardless of your circumstances, you can do anything with your life. …if you want it badly enough.

There are those still living in places of civil unrest. War is raging; living in a bombed out bunker or standing in line waiting for food from the Red Cross is a daily routine. Clean water is precious, and internet access is limited or shared with 50 other people in your village.

Considering this the circumstances we have are so rich, so ripe, so fertile that one might almost say it’s our obligation to take advantage of this freedom.

Freedom is a state of mind. Freedom doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an entrepreneur. Nor does it mean life has to look one certain way.

Freedom means that you are living a life of your choice; on your terms, in order to be fulfilled and at peace. You are doing that what you are passionate about; whatever that looks like to you.


Millions of people choose to live a life of slavery; where they are slaves to their job, slaves to survival. It’s as though they don’t have a choice!

According to some research 90% of all employees come home from their job at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled.

There’s not a whole lot of difference between the tenets of slavery and most people’s lives these days:

You work for a taskmaster, you don’t control your primary activities in your waking hours, you have to do what you are told, you lack the ability to control your own schedule, you have to operate at a certain capacity or you risk being penalized.

Think about it! We subject ourselves to this even though we have the freedom here that many people don’t.

Consider the entrepreneurs who founded this country, the European immigrants who risked life and limb, who came here looking for a better life. There was no infrastructure; they had to start from scratch.

How badly do you want freedom?

There are millions of people who have paid for freedom so that we don’t have to pay for it. They paid for it with their blood. Millions of lives have been dedicated, lost and changed. Young men and women who have sacrificed their futures so that we could have freedom.

I don’t know that we can fathom or really appreciate the value of freedom.

Freedom is a precious thing. When taken for granted it’s as though we are serving an insult to those who have paid the ultimate price for us so that we don’t have to pay that price.

It is your obligation to capitalize on the freedom and choices we have. 

Step up and create the life that you want!

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