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Why Your Subscribers Are NOT Buying

Email Marketing

On my most recent training Webinar I held with around 300 of my Elite students I ran a poll at the end of it asking what topic everyone would like me to cover in the following Webinar.

The general consensus was in. The number of votes for every other answer combined paled in comparison to the number of votes for #1 – which was Email Marketing… and clearly the people who took the poll are very smart (besides choosing to learn from me) ;)

As I’ve mentioned many times before in my posts and videos, and will mention again, the secret of my success can be broken down into a simple 3 step formula.

Step 1: Target buying traffic.

Step 2: Get them on a list and build relationship.

Step 3: Send offers.

The feedback I get most frequently from subscribers is that their own lists aren’t opening emails. No one’s clicking on offers, and no one’s buying. If you have shared this experience, you’re not alone; these problems run rampant in the industry.

But what causes them? There could be a break down in any of the 3 steps.

For example, if you’re targeting freebie seekers, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 5000 of them on your list they aren’t going to buy. Solo ads in the “internet marketing niche” worked like crazy for building buyer lists just one year ago, and they’re still working in almost every niche my clients and I have tested. That is, except the “internet marketing niche”.

That’s because there are now hundreds of solo ad sellers in this market passing the same group of freebie seekers from list to list these days. This means when you choose solo ads in the IM niche as a strategy you MUST be prepared to do extra research before buying the mailing and make sure it isn’t just another ‘freebie hunter’ list that has been exhausted with similar offers. Look for list owners who are actually fussy with what they promote and make sure its someone who actually mails value and not just offers all day every day.

In a nutshell, what I am saying here is whenever the formula breaks down, first look at the SOURCE of traffic.

Next is how you’re actually going to be getting them on your list. Ask yourself some questions, and answer honestly.

Is your bribe enticing, and high quality?

Does it provide an answer or solution to your audience’s desperate problem?

Very importantly, does this bribe demonstrate your expertise, credibility, and value?

You’re setting their expectations and creating a first impression, and you need to be able to deliver. Too many email marketers promise a 5 course meal as a free gift and deliver a hot dog instead. It should come as no surprise that these marketers lose subscriber interest immediately.

Your next steps in the sequence are irrelevant at that point; you’ve already lost them, most of the time for good.

The emails you send are the next place to look. There are two camps full of failed email marketers.

Camp #1 is littered with those who still believe the mantra, “Content is King”. Wrong; content used to be king, but today your prospects are OVERWHELMED with content, so much so that they probably can’t even remember the content they read yesterday.

Any professional speaker can attest to this fact. Your audience may rave about the content, but they won’t remember it. If you don’t believe me, quiz them an hour later and see for yourself. They remember the stories you told; they remember how you made them feel.

Camp #2 is packed with people who jumped on what I like to call the “Benefit Bandwagon”. They learned basic copywriting and know that people buy based on benefits more often than features. They load their emails with benefits and reasons to buy now, but their subscribers still lose interest. You WILL sell more with email with less benefits.

So if it’s not about content, and it’s not about benefits, what is it?

I’m not going to give away the complete secret recipe here, but I’ll give you a clue.

It all comes back to how you make your subscribers feel about themselves.

I recently released a brand new report called ‘List Building For Profit

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