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10 Words of Wisdom to Live By

words of wisdom


I subscribe to a lot of self improvement pages on Facebook.  In the last year, I have realized that it’s your mind that has to be strengthened first in order to reach new goals, new levels of life, and improved well being.  Happiness does not just fall into our lap.  It’s something that we have to choose to become.  We get the results that we want when we commit to becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.  It all starts from within.  Too many of us look outside of ourselves to be satisfied.  But that is not sustainable.


When you become open to improvement, you will see your inner wisdom at work.  It will blow you  away to see how simple life is actually.

These words of wisdom are an inspiration from my friends at iReleaseEndorphins


Words of Wisdom according to Gandhi


  1. Be The Change
  2. What You Think, You Become
  3. Where There is Love, There is Life
  4. Learn as if You’ll Live Forever
  5. Your Health is Your Real Wealth
  6. Have a Sense of Humor
  7. Your Life is Your Message
  8. Action Expresses Priorities
  9. Our Greatness is Being Able to Remake Ourselves
  10. Find Yourself in the Service of Others



Allow yourself to be GREAT!!!!!!!!

You are the only one who has the ability to make your choices.  So make them worthwhile.


Abundance is Yours,


Brad Kirsch





Words of Wisdom

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