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30 Days to Creating a New Habit

We all have habits.  But how many of them are productive?  When is the last time you successfully created a new habit that is beneficial to your life?

The problem with creating new habits, is that they require dedication.  The word DEDICATION tends to scare off some people.

So let’s simplify the process to get you on your way to enhanced productivity.


Creating a new habit takes 30 days.  So it requires some patience.  It is best to select one new habit that you wish to create.  By choosing several habits to form at once will eventually confuse and frustrate you, and eventually lead your to give up.  Stay simple.

Before I introduce to you the 3 phases of the 30 day cycle to creating a new habit, let me first remind you that you have to stretch your comfort zone that your previous bad habits have got you nestled in.  If you don’t change yourself, nothing will improve.

30 days to creating a new habit

30 Days to Creating a New Habit  Phase I – Defy Gravity


When you start creating a new habit, the first 10 days of the cycle will be exhilarating.  You are excited about your new journey.  All of your energy is focused on the new task at hand. You dream big about the impact of the results that you are working towards. You can’t lose!


But as you approach Day 10, your energy starts to wear thin and you come back to Earth.  Your mind and body start to question why you are doing this.  Your emotions become drained.  Now you have reached:


30 Days to Creating a New Habit  Phase II – Active Resistance

Your mind and body will begin to think of excuses.  This is the first roadblock.  Look at any sports team that got off to a flying start to a season and then came back to reality.  This is the time you have to push through the adversity.  Gut Check Time!  How bad do you really want it?

Because the monster of procrastination is ready to lend his consulting services to you…..


During this phase, be sure to reassess yourself.  You are now in a different state of mind than you were when you began.  You are in the middle of this process that you chose.  You can either hang on to make it and reach the promised land.  Or you can give up or go back to your old ways.


Can you feel the energy level drop?


That’s the Universe listening to your demands

When you choose to stay with it through the foggy part, you have now entered:


30 Days to Creating a New Habit  Phase III – Acclimation


This is where your new habit becomes acclimated into your life.  You begin to move past the resistance and the new habit begins to feel natural.  When you look back on the past 20+ days, you recall high emotions and excitement that were followed by doubt, excuses, and adversity.  Then you find out if you are strong enough to continue this pursuit and take a potential look at the dreary shame filled road backwards.  Its Do or Die!  So you pull yourself together and move forward while creating something that feels natural that will propel your life forward.


Sound familiar?

Of course it does….. it’s called life.

No one said it would be easy.  But the opportunities are extremely Abundant.


Since you grinded it out, please allow me to say


You took the initiative to improve yourself and succeeded.  This is a personal win and you deserve to celebrate.

 30 Days to creating a new habit


If you master 1 habit every 30 days, that’s 12 mastered habits in a year.  Just think of how advanced you will be next year at this time.

Most New Year’s Resolutions fizzle out by January 20.  They don’t even get to enjoy the Acclimation  phase.  But what do you expect when someone sets a date in advance to begin creating a new habit.  The most important time in your life is

30 Days to creating new habits

The Present


So whatever it is that you know you need to change your life, the sooner you get started, the sooner you reap the benefits.  Whether it’s exercising regularly, eating healthier, quitting smoking, being more productive in your business, or some sort of personal maintenance.  The time to begin is now!  Don’t kick yourself or live in guilt any longer.


Abundance is for all of us!


It all starts from within


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30 Days to Creating a New Habit

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