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Affiliate Marketing – What is it?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – How does it work?

It’s quite simple.  A company has a product.  An affiliate can help sell that product and receive a commission.  At the end of the process, the consumer buys a product that can benefit them.  The Affiliate gets a commission for their work, and the company is able to get their product exposed to more buyers through the leverage of affiliate marketing.  Everybody WINS!!!!

Affiliate Marketing – The Opportunity

Pretty much all Online retailers offer Affiliate Marketing programs nowadays.  You sign up for free on most of them and promote their products.  Amazon is usually the first one that comes to name.  They have most products known to man. eBay is a big player.  Wal Mart has even joined in on the fun of the affiliate marketing game.  The Major League Baseball Team store allows you to sell their merchandise for a commission.  Other Online outlets like ClickBank and Commission Junction offer great possibilities.  All you have to do is go to a retailer website, and look on the page for “Become an Affiliate” or Affiliate Program”.  Some affiliate programs you have to become approved for.

The possibilities with Affiliate Marketing are now endless.  This is how Authority sites make most of their revenue.  If you have an authority site, on say, Fly Fishing, you can go to Amazon and market every affiliate product there is in fly fishing.  Fly fishing rods, lures, fishing boots, waders, DVDs, books. You name it!

Affiliate Marketing – How to Market the Products

You can promote affiliate products through an authority site or a niche site.  Create articles or blog posts that are keyword driven to rank well in SEO.  Give a review or endorsement of a product that you are marketing, and then make the product available through a call to action directing the reader towards your affiliate link.

Video marketing is a powerful tool to promote affiliate products.  Also give a review of a product through this visual medium.  For instance, you are promoting a digital camera.  Make a short video showing the viewer the actual camera.  Show the features that you like about it.  Show how simple it is to use.

A podcast is a great way to build a rapport with an audience as an affiliate marketer to promote a product.  The spoken word is our most relatable form of communication, thus always one of the most effective.  All the podcast listener has to do is allow you to speak about them passionately about a product you support.  If you are promoting a best selling book, people will listen to a review of the book in the audio format.  If you are promoting an audiobook, you already have the targeted audience tuned in.  iTunes subscribers tend to be “credit card in hand” buyers.

Social media is another proven way to promote affiliate marketing products.  Facebook and Twitter, of course are the Mega Giants in the game of speed of implementation.  Remember to keep the 80/20 rule of marketing in effect.  80% of your posts should be engaging and social. 20% should make offers to your followers.

Email marketing.  If you have an email list for a specific niche, send them weekly or monthly offers for affiliate products that you recommend.

Affiliate Marketing – What Products to Choose

Based on the volume of traffic that you receive from potential buyers, consider the commission pay out.  Some companies pay the affiliates under 10% commissions.  If you sell a $100 fishing rod, you will earn $10.  But if you get enough web traffic to sell 50 fishing rods a day, that’s $500/day, $3500/week, $15,000/month.  You are creating an excellent living for yourself through Affiliate Marketing Online!

You can find big ticket products to market through private affiliate marketing programs.

These tend to be better because they don’t require bulk amounts of traffic because you may receive 25-40% commission on the big ticket items.

These items are of high value to their customers, which may allow you to earn 4-5 figures per commission as an affiliate marketer!

Affiliate Marketing is growing daily as a huge part of the ever expanding Digital Economy.

These numbers that I have just thrown out here are not imaginative.  They are real numbers that Online entrepreneurs have produced through Affiliate Marketing of great products that they have passionately endorsed.

These results are not guaranteed but they are out there for the taking among affiliate marketing entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in more of the Future growth of the Digital Economy, and how Affiliate Marketing of products is spurring the Digital Gold Rush, check out this awesome FREE video explaining to you the trends that are overtaking the deadbeat traditional ways of making money.

Affiliate Marketing Rocks!

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