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Every Master was Once A Disaster


Allow Yourself to Be A Disaster at First

Master of a craft does not happen overnight.  Don’t let perfection get in the way of being good. No one is perfect, and  it takes a lot of time to even get close to that unrealistic goal. Learning from mistakes is a major asset for success. Either your mistakes or the mishaps of another, there is always a message behind the madness. One of my life’s goals is to not make the same mistake twice. When you have sight of the good side and the sight of the bad side of a situation, it would be logical to choose good. But it takes experience in failure to acquire that understanding.

Life is a constant struggle and a constant learning process. Inexperiences will get the better of you. But the more you try, the more you learn, and the better you will become at something. Some of life’s most important skills, cannot be attained through a formal education. Repetative trial and error will make you a master.

Those who are willing to error are willing to succeed.

Fear gets you no where. The future belongs to those willing to take action.


Being Labeled a Disaster is Only Temporary UNLESS……

You are a QUITTER!!!!!!!!!!!  Quitters who continually walk away when the going gets tough, but constantly complain about their circumstances, NEVER PROSPER.  They are perpetual disasters.

Risk takers are one group that are temporarily disasters.  However, when risk takers learn from their mistakes, they become Masters. The cliche that is heard at college commencement speeches,’Don’t be afraid to fail.’ ‘If you are going to fall, fall forward,’ can’t be said enough. Too many people never reach their full potential cause they are afraid to achieve it. You know, the ones who give up a few feet before reaching Gold.

Many people that I know from my younger years who were constantly in trouble with school, their families, the law and other establishments, are now successful people. They have very good jobs, they have families, and they are kind hearted. And I look back 10-20 years ago when parents, teachers, and coaches said how those kids would never amount to anything in life. And now look at them! Maybe the hard talk from their superiors motivated them. Maybe they learned from their mistakes and put it all together. Maybe they found a mentor in their life that lead them in the right direction. Or they had one extremely serious incident in life that scared them straight.

Whatever the reason may be, they can use their past as a learning experience. They most likely hit rock bottom at some point and they found a way to climb to the top. Granted, not everyone turns their life around, but these masters succeeded on sheer will.


The Masters

Ever Master was Once A Disaster

Sandy Koufax, the great Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, struggled mightily his first half of his career. He had a career record of 36-40 with an ERA OF 4.10.  His ineffectiveness was primarily due to his lack of control. During this stretch, he walked 5.27 batters per 9 innings.  He was on the brink of quitting and moving on with his life. But he took one last shot at it. He got himself into better shape that off season. In Spring Training of 1961, with the help of his pitching coach and his catcher, Koufax made some adjustments, and he figured it out.   The results in his last 6 seasons, 129-47 record, 2.19 ERA, and 3 less walks for 9  innings, 2.27 BB/9 IP.  Not to mention, 4 No Hitters (1 of them a Perfect Game), 3 Unanimous Cy Young Awards (1963, 65, 66), 2 World Series MVP Awards(1963, 65), and a National League MVP (1963).  Despite his early career struggles, he is forever known as Sandy Koufax, Baseball Hall of Famer.

Sandy was an inspiration to me. As I did not pitch in my first college baseball game until my 5th year, after I already graduated.  However, I was  not walking away from college baseball letting anyone tell me that I wasn’t good enough to perform at that level. I made the most of the opportunity I was finally given by learning how to master throwing a slider.  After college,  I went to on to pitch professionally for 4 seasons. Once I figured it out, I never looked back.


Every Master was Once A DisasterEvery Master Was Once A DisasterEvery Master was Once a DisasterEvery Master Was Once. Disaster

People struggle because they are afraid to try. Unfortunately, we live in a society today which has the mentality that we have to be perfect from beginning to end. Masterpieces take a lifetime to create. It took Leonardo Da Vinci, the Great Master, 6 years to paint the Mona Lisa. 8 years for Beethoven to write his Symphony #9 as he was completely deaf. Noah Webster took 27 years to write the Webster’s American Dictionary for the English Language. General George Washington lost more battles than he won during the American Revolution. But he did not stop until independence was achieved.


 The Process of becoming a MASTER

To go from disaster to master, you will lose some battles, on your . Success is worth earning. It’s worth the fight and the sacrifice. When people have had a taste of success, they want more. If they understand that it will be a struggle to achieve it again, that makes them a leader. Everyone deserves success, but they are not entitled to it.

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Don’t fear failure. Commit yourself to the Process of Success.  As you just read, some of the most prominent masters in their respected craft, were disasters. They perservered and reinvented themselves.  Making the Adjustment.  A Golden Key To Success.

Thats the transition one makes to become a MASTER

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