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That ‘Son of a Bitch’ Adversity has Nothing on ME

 adversity has nothing on me

Adversity Has Nothing on ME

We have all come across an unfortunate situation in life.  Something that ruined our day.  Or we atleast made it feel that way.  It’s called adversity.  It’s been around since the beginning of time.  But yet, people continue to think they are above it.  Which only increases the volatility that comes with this calamity.


A great measure of strength in a person is shown when they are face to face with adversity.

When the ugly monster appears, do you react with panic, then fear followed by anger?  This coping method tends to combine frustration with verbal expletives and negative body language.  Which leads to exhaustion and then giving up.  The vibrations of this behavior rubs off on the people around you.


Or do you stand tall?  Knowing that adversity will occur and pass?  There is always a way around it.  Are you even able to laugh at it?  That’s when you know you can’t be beat by it’s worthless tactics.  In the times of miscomfort, people seek out a strong calm leader who can stare fire in the eye and extinguish it gracefully.  This reaction comes from the ability to slow down a situation and stay in the moment.

adversity has nothing on me

 Adversity Has Nothing on ME – How to Kick it’s Teeth in

It’s hard to disagree with the man who created a family entertainment empire.  Adversity sure will make us stronger.  But let’s turn the tables here.  When Adversity shows up in and tries to ruin a situation, follow these 7 checkpoints to minimize it’s damage and increase your well being.  Be that strong calm leader.


1.  Things will ALWAYS get Better  No matter how bad and ugly a situation can become, it will always get better.  Don’t succumb to the beast.  Negative habits feed off of one’s mysery.  Stay upbeat and positive. The smoke always clears and the sun comes up each new day.

2. BREATHE  Breathing is a natural body function that we take for granted.  But very few understand the powerful benefits this necessity for survival contributes to our well being.  Deep breathing slows down the heart rate and the mind.  Practice deep breathing in times of tranquility, so when adversity does arrive, you are better prepared to get through it.  Proper breathing is in through the nose and allow the stomach to expand. This is the more natural way to breathe.  Breathe in like this for 2 seconds, hold, and then exhale through the mouth for 4 seconds.  This will keep you in control of any situation life throws at you.

3.  BELIEF  Always, Always, ALWAYS Believe in yourself.  In your life, you are 1st in command.  You are the deciding factor for how you react to situations.  Others will follow if you have BELIEF in yourself.  Living in doubt only creates a lonely feeling and increases the fog you are stuck in.  Believers are Brave Exceptional Liable Informed Experienced Focused people. Believers will find a way

4.  Learn to see things in terms of Energy  Is this good energy that inspires me?  Or is it bad energy that expires me?  Energy comes in many forms: People, Environments, Situations, Thought, & Action.  Learn to understand that who, what, and where you associate with, will impact your life.  Recognize when negative energy will come about, but also relish the positive, inspiring energies that will enter your life.  You have the sole ability to choose the path your life will go down.  Associating with the positive energies will produce the most powerful impact in your life.

5.  Have something to Motivate you through Tough Times  When the going gets tough, people tend to look to a driving force to get them over the hump.  It may be your family or friends.  The ambition you have to accomplish the goal you set out to do.  Whatever the motivation is, it’s an accountability system you already have set up subconsciously.  When you will not allow adversity to put you in a position to fail, it’s a victory for your people and yourself.

6. Keep Love at the Forefront  The Love you posses will give a clearer perspective of the long and short of each situation.  This compliments the previous step.  When you love the mission you set out upon, the adversity is at best a speed bump.  When you love the people in your life who rely on you to not fail, the love will endure.  When you are stuck in the middle of a situation that you never asked for, the love of yourself will get you through it.  Adversity is a monster.  When you respond to it’s dilemmas with love on your mind and in your heart, the monster will starve and die out.  The monster has a primary junk food diet of negativity.  Love is organic.  Love is powerful.

7.  Never Give Up  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hit adversity head on at 100 mph.  Think of it as weaving your way through gridlock traffic like an elusive running back when you see an opening to get to the next exit ramp.  Not everyone will let you in, it will have some uncomfortable moments, and moments when you have to think fast and deal with the consequences of it.  But patience and persistence will pay dividends.  When you are moving towards your dreams, the Universe will work with you.  If you give up, the Universe will move on to helping the next passionate person in pursuit of their goals.  Stay in the moment and focused on your desired success.  There is always a path to the top.  Adversity has nothing on me!


In all walks of life, (sports, education, business, parenting, etc), the template for handling adversity is the same.  Use these 7 points to help you stay in the moment and be that strong calm leader that people always look up to.  This is a beneficial and highly monetized life skill that everyone should posses.


Abundance is Yours!


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Adversity Has Nothing on ME

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