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Worthless Corporate Tactics

worthless corporate tactics

Worthless Corporate Tactics are $#*!@*^&@^!

My mother asked me to help her out with a form that she had to fill out Online for work.  She has been a nurse for over 35 years.  She puts her heart and soul into that job.

I am always the first contact of my parents whenever they need to use a computer.

I thought that she needed help logging in an navigating the site that she had to go to….


She was OK with that part.


It was a questionnaire from the health care company she works for that REQUIRED all employees to fill out.


She began to answer the 93 questions a few nights before, she just wanted my input.

Every question had only 2 answers to choose from that often times couldn’t be more extreme or black and white


Are you Compassionate or Logical?

Are you Quiet or Gregarious?

Are you Caring or Systematic?

Do you prefer Design or Production?


I don’t see how most of these questions will enable a way to get the most out of their employees.  On top of that, most of them are completely irrelevant.  Only about 5% of these questions was my mother able to answer without any uncertainty about herself.

For starters, most of these questions depends on the situation that you are in.

And secondly, for many of them, why can’t you be both?!?!?!?!?


It occurred to me, that this survey is a way the corporation can help their downsizing process.  A way to usher employees who don’t fit their mold.  Apparently, dedication and performance in one’s job is not viable anymore.  You have to be willing to be that YES Man or Woman.  Corporations are unable to differentiate between Insubordination or Free Thought.

I guess everything is a threat to them….even the truth


Wasn’t there a certain European Dictator in the 1st half of the 20th Century whose mentality was:

‘You either for us or against us’?


How did that one turn out?


The process of being an employee is degrading towards you diginity enough as it is.  Now they are asking to reveal who you are outside of the work place….without any flexibility…..without any consideration for the situations.


This dimwitted obsession with power is what is destroying the middle class.

We as people have to stand up and says this process is $#^%#$^%#!!!!!

(Feel free to use your own descriptive adjective)

The questionaire did not provide a comment box…..Go figure



The Big Picture of these Worthless Corporate Tactics?

Just another Worthless Tactic of the corporate world to enslave their workers, and ease their way into the Power structure at the expense of the people who do the grunt work to expand the corporation.  Or even worse, who else may have access to the information of these questionnaires?


Another example of how the Traditional Economy is DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The people don’t trust it

The people are tired of being stabbed in the back

The people are tired of being trapped

The people are tired of being given an ULTIMATUM in order to support their families


Personal Freedom has never been more desired in recent times.


The Solution to these Worthless Corporate Tactics? 


Go Digital….. Be in Charge of you and only you.

We are on to these worthless corporate tactics.

Let the useless idiots of the corporate world try their worthless tactics elsewhere.


You deserve Abundance

You deserve Prosperity

and most importantly,

You deserve RESPECT 


Allow yourself to receive it!

Associate yourself with people who will honor it!


Don’t let liars, cheaters, & thieves tell you any differently


Do you prefer FREEDOM or SLAVERY?


The choice is yours…..



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Worthless Corporate Tactics

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