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One model but at least three opportunities with Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy model is at least three businesses in one.

The Digital Experts Academy is an opportunity for many types of people


If you don’t know the Six Figure Mentors Digital Marketing Model then it might be difficult to appreciate what I am saying in this blog. Anyway, I am going to say it !!!

I have said elsewhere that I spent a long time looking for a Digital Marketing Model that worked for
” Solopreneurs”, Home based businesses and small and medium sized business.

The right model has to ” deliver ” ( visitors, leads and customers ) and it has to do so in a way that is achievable with a reasonable level of ability and financial and skill resources.

If the Digital Marketing System is too complicated, too expensive or too skill intensive then it will not work for these types of business people and companies.

The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy Digital Marketing Model is PERFECT for them.

Here’s why:

The first ( main ) opportunity, once the model has been learned , is to market the products that the SFM DEA system offers.

The second opportunity, once the system is understood, is to market your own products using the same system.

The third opportunity is, knowing the system and knowing how to apply the system to other products, helping other people who are selling other products to use the system to sell their products. 

There are probably various other permutations of these three main opportunities.

In my experience people ” see ” these three opportunities quite quickly. ( One of the reasons for this is that Stuart Ross points most of them out in his video’s and training materials – he encourages people to develop from understanding the system to applying it to other products and to other businesses whilst emphasizing that there are enough products within the SFM/DEA product line to never have to get involved with the second and third opportunities if you don’t want to ).

Within the SFM/DEA system you will find products ranging from $20 up to $20,000. This means that there are products to suit almost every pocket.

Let’s look at what Sandra Hanna had to say when she decided to join the Six Figure Mentors:



International Callanetics Instructor Sandra Hanna, who is about to embark on a global expansion plan, recently joined the Six Figure Mentors . She talked about her reasons for becoming a member:

Digital Experts Academy

I was attracted to SFM via Chris Windley who I knew to be a person of high integrity and someone who would only affiliate himself with a Company, product or person with the same standards or substance.


I am an exercise instructor teaching a program called Callanetics.  The Callanetics Method  isn’t exclusive to age or fitness level.  The exercises not only tone and sculpt the musculature rapidly, gently and safely but also restores the body to correct alignment and has enormous therapeutic benefits bringing wellness to all who practice regularly.


Digital Experts Academy


My mission is to have a platform to be able to market the Callanetics Method not only through DVDs, infomercials, books etc but also to utilise online marketing and deliver the program to those who are not interested in brand names but just want a quality product that delivers the desired results.  I needed to be online for this to happen but had no idea how. This is where SFM comes in.

Digital Experts Academy


Having no previous knowledge in this arena and before the end of the first video in the free Bootcamp series, I was excited and had no doubt that SFM was the missing link to guide and teach me all that I needed to know in the online marketing field bringing my goals to fruition.


One of the main things I love and appreciate about SFM is the support that is so freely and generously offered to enable a novice, like myself, to move forward quickly.


Sandra Hanna

Gold Coast Callanetics
5504 6988
0419 554 535
For more information on the Six Figure Mentors and a FREE 7 DAY DIGITAL MARKETING BOOTCAMP ( like the one that Sandra went through ) Please go >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
So Sandra got Opportunity One and Two straight away !!!
Now let’s see what Michael Nelson, former White House strategy coach had to say:
Michael Nelson, former White House Strategy Coach, Business,Strategy and Marketing coach to Small and Medium sized businesses in Virginia, U.S.A. and published author recently joined S.F.M. and here’s why:

Digital Experts Academy
” I joined SFM to help me with my mission of helping people achieve their dreams through business and in a quicker fashion.  I am a small business coach and my motto is “I make life easier for small business owners.”  Inherent within the motto is the notion that business is difficult when the business isn’t differentiated, doesn’t have an effective business model and markets and sells poorly.  This trio of problems makes it hard to succeed and leads to long working hours and frustrated and desperate owners.  My system to eradicate these scourges flows as such:  Differentiation – Business Model Development – Planning – Marketing / Sales.  I’ve spent six years working on the marketing and sales problem as it relates to the Internet, which is a fabulous medium for most small businesses.  I flow through my system in around 12 weeks, dependent upon the willingness of the client to work.  I still wasn’t satisfied with my marketing / sales component as it wasn’t as easy to comprehend nor execute for my clients and thus, less likely to succeed for them.
Digital Experts AcademyI discussed the above with Chris Windley in the context of developing a dashboard tool for small business owners.  He trumped my six years of seeking a solution with his eight year search!  But, he had now found SFM and proceeded to describe it for me.  I had decided to join before the end of the description.
I believe that I’ll now adjust my coaching flow to Differentiate – Business Models – Marketing / Sales (SFM) and introduce all of my clients to SFM during marketing and mentor those that need it through getting their funnels set up for their products / services.  This will let me deliver much more value – lasting value, and I think I’ll be able to reduce my coaching time to eight to ten weeks, providing even more value to my clients.
My passion is helping small business owners succeed and to do so in a sustainable manner with a reduced workload.  Such an outcome makes a huge impact on their lives, their families, and their communities.  SFM is going to help me reach more clients and create more enduring results.
More About Michael

A message from our founder…

I’m Michael Nelson, the founder of The Cogent Consulting Group. I founded the company in 2006 with the goal of providing meaningful and value-driven services to businesses, both large and small.

Since 2006, I’ve had the pleasure of serving a variety of organizations and my varied background has helped me create the small business systems we offer. I’ve helped the Executive Office of the President establish strategy, the executive leadership team of multi-billion dollar firms improve their operations and tie performance to strategic goals, and many other large companies and government agencies improve their operations and relate goals to operations.

Simultaneously, we’ve helped hundreds of small businesses and have evolved into small business specialists. I’ve taken taken the best of large businesses: process orientation, accountability, budgeting, measurement, goals, etc. and distilled them into their essence and blended them into our process that we use to help small businesses succeed; the E3 Business Transformation System. I feel that by having a background in both entrepreneurial endeavors as well as high-level big business, government and military organizations, I bring a lean and results-driven solution to small business owners looking to grow their businesses and gain control of their time and efforts. Too many business owners work 50, 60, 70, 80, and even 90 hours a week and skip vacations as they try to make their businesses work. We help them succeed, eliminate feast or famine cycles in marketing, organize their businesses, and cut their time spent at work dramatically!

Before I started The Cogent Consulting Group, I worked in Aviation Management and directed and conducted worldwide VIP aviation missions on behalf of wealthy individuals and corporations. While I didn’t own this company, the entrepreneurial lessons were easy to pick up on. We all wore multiple hats, everybody worked on building the business, and we interfaced directly with our clients. It felt like we worked too closely with our clients some times when billionaires would call in the middle of the night looking for advice on their aircraft…

My aviation career started in the United States Marine Corps, where I served for a decade as a Naval Aviator. As a KC-130 pilot, my family and I had the pleasure of living in Okinawa, Japan for three years. What a beautiful place and magnificent people! I spent the final three years of my Marine career on the Staff of the Commandant of the Marine Corps planning and running VIP missions for the Commandant and his guests.

My wife and I have three boys and find that all of our hobbies have been replaced with the activities they are in! All are avid soccer players and we get to watch at least three games a week when the seasons are going.

I have been fortunate enough to have been to over 60 countries, for work, study and pleasure. I was an AFS Foreign Exchange Student during high school and lived with a German family and attended school in Germany. During college, I spent a semester and interim studying in five Middle Eastern countries. Aviation has taken me around the world more times than I can remember and we love to travel as a family too.

Best wishes to you and your entrepreneurial endeavors!


My certifications:

*MBA from The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
*BA in History from St. Olaf College in Minnesota
*Six Sigma Black Belt (senior process improvement certification)
*ITIL Foundation Certified (backbone of how business and IT work together)
*Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified
*ATP – Airline Transport Pilot with Type Ratings in Gulfstream II, III, IV, and V aircraft
*Certified Business Coach
*Top Secret Clearance
*Trained Facilitator

THIS is how quickly people see the multiple ways that the Six Figure Mentors , Digital Experts Academy system can be applied.





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