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Typically when my surname was changed I had not considered what I was doing online would have such a confusion within my mind.

Meaning that for a very long time I was known as Susan Connor.  Rightly my name then.

Now I am Susan Lewis.

Which poses an interesting confusion time.  Anyone who was speaking to me in the last few months would have a also realised that I probably did not know who I was being talked to as.  After all I have had one name for longer than I have had the other name.

Finally I now have a workable comprise of which crosses both the past, present and future amicably.  Meet: Susan Connor Lewis.  Yes I did actually legally keep my previous surname.  Therefore when you see and associate my Susan Connor picture with the Susan Lewis name please do not be alarmed.


Which brings me to this contact page where many list topics will gradually appear.  Please note that after fifteen years of being online, there are a few topical areas covered.  Hence the reason the one page is being divided into many topic pages.