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Corporate Executive; Gut Wrenching Reality!

Corporate Executive; Gut Wrenching Reality!

Corporate executiveCorporate Executive is not near what it use to be 20 years ago. Who knew that the Corporate Executive would become the target of the jealous and have not’s? Who knew that the Corporate Executive would become the target of our so called free government?

I still remember when the president of U.S. Steel called the president of the United States and our president got in his plane to go see what U.S. Steel wanted. It was also a better time and a more free America.

But, through the years, with all the jealousy stirred up by our government, using the media, the corporate executive has shifted from hero to target. Why anyone would want that thankless job today is beyond me but I am proud of the ones who are still at the helm.

With wages being forced to being cut, the best of the best look elsewhere for other ways to create their career and wealth.

The Corporate Executive job is dying out.

Because the Corporate Executive is the target and because jobs as we know it are changing faster than ever, the Corporate Executive position is slowly dying out. There will always be a need for leaders and come corporations will survive, however, jobs as we know it are dying out and when that happens, all else follows suit.

Corporate Executive

The Corporate Executive of today is turning to the Internet to create their wealth, and why not? The shift in demand has shifted to digital marketing in the information age and more and more of the Corporate Executive world understand this.

The Corporate Executive sees young kids making a fortune and thus far, the only target is coming from Big government wanting more of their money saying the rich are not paying their fair share.

Well, yeas ago, I had a wife who spent money like our government is doing, so I divorced her. With the government using the media to target the rich Corporate Executive, the poor honestly believe that the rich are taking money out of their pockets. I have one question for everyone.

Once you break the back of the rich, where will the money come from?

The Corporate Executive is saying the “Hell with You!”

Did you know that more and more rich people are leaving the country and renouncing their citizenship? Did you know that more companies send their jobs overseas not so much for wage savings and to avoid high taxes in the states?

years ago it was thought that Japan was beating us at pricing because of wages. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Remember when our VCR’s were $1,500 and Japan’s were $250? If wages were the only reason why such a difference, Japan would not be able to cut their prices that much, even if the people worked for free.

Jobs that are sent to Mexico usually take three people to equal the work of one of us, not because they are lazy but because of the way they perform work when we have efficient structure in place. In time, they understand and will step up but wages are not the reason for sending jobs out of the country. taxes are!

Corporate Executive

The Corporate Executive is smart enough to look online for digital success. Many people with and without higher education are shifting their sites to the Internet and digital entrepreneurs and Internet marketing are quickly becoming the key figure for the next 15 years of wealth.

Digital marketing is the new cash cow!

When you think 1848 gold rush, think digital marketing. When you think the beginning of the industrial revolution, think digital marketing. Just as the Industrial revolution made millionaires, the digital market, the affiliate market, and the Internet marketing are making billionaires.

When you think of real estate successes, you think of Donald Trump. When you think of digital success, you think Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Facebook, and the list goes on and on.

If you are a Corporate Executive or an ex Corporate Executive, if you have not already looked into this cash cow, you may just want to begin investigating. Tips I offer you include;

1) Look for sound educational systems with a money back guarantee.

2) Look for a system that offers value first.

3) Seek a system that offers direct mentoring and use it!

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