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Who Is Stuart Ross Six Figure Mentors – The Co – Founder of the Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy?

About Stuart Ross – In His Own Words

“Well what can I say?

I suppose in a nutshell I am your average guy who has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary lifestyle… and to be honest, even to this day I have to pinch myself, because the fact is not so long ago I knew NOTHING about internet business and digital marketing.

Yet after a bit of time and effort, I have been able to build a multi million dollar business and create a lifestyle where I live life on my terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check!

You see something I’ve had the good fortune of KNOWING, is just how powerful our ‘Intentions’ and ‘Abilities’ are… so when I stumbled into Internet/Digital Marketing by complete mistake as a 26 year old burnt out corporate slave… some how in my guts, I just KNEW I could do it. Even though I had just MISERABLY failed with my first business attempt!

And I am SO THANKFUL that I stumbled across this way of building a business, words can’t even express it.

Living a life on your terms requires one thing: BOLDNESS! When you take inspired action in your life, lack and limitations fall by the wayside. Amazing how that works! When you follow your passion, others are attracted to you and your possibilities! Why put a ceiling on what you can achieve, earn, create and be when you can have a life of your choosing!”

Stuart Ross Video Training Presentation

Stuart Ross is your average every day guy who has believed in himself and has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary life! He loves cars and exotic holidays and lives life on his terms, but . . .

His life didn’t start out like that, but it’s not a rags to riches story either.

Stuart Ross: Fed Up Estate Agent

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross started out in real estate back in 2001, as a keen 18 year old, eager to learn, and eager to earn, so he never took no for an answer.

As a result of developing his selling prowess and customer focus, he became indispensable at his job, but. . . it meant he worked six solid days a week, he never got any time off for a holiday, and he never got any let up from the stress.

Stuart Ross had pretty much dropped everything from sport to socialising.

Stuart was earning decent money, but after nearly 8 years of working 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., six days a week – he’d had enough. Stuart was fed up with the rat race and no work life balance.

So, Stuart tried out a franchise…

… but he failed miserably. This led to Stuart Ross searching for a much more passive and automated business model. After several weeks of intense internet browsing he came across all sorts of information and reports on how to make BIG money online without falling back into the trap of trading all his time for money.

As a 26 year old burnt out corporate slave, Stuart Ross knew NOTHING about online business or digital marketing, but he needed to make the break from the confinements of employment and working for someone else.

He wanted a way of life that would allow him to not only earn good money, but most importantly, to give him more freedom to do all the things he wanted to do in life.

After plodding through tons of information, Stuart Ross decided the best course of action was to find a mentor who used the most up to date and automated systems available to guide him through the turbulent world of online marketing and passive income opportunities.

With the help of his mentor, Stuart Ross was able to learn at an unbelievable rate. What would have taken years to learn, took only months, as he picked up on his mentors’ trial and errors; not his!

Stuart Ross was able to implement what worked and NOT waste any more time and MONEY on what doesn’t work.

Stuart Ross – The Burnt Out Estate Agent To Multi Millionaire With Digital Marketing

After investing a lot of time and effort, Stuart Ross built a multi-million dollar business as an affiliate marketer and created a lifestyle living life on his terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check!

As an affiliate marketer he focused mainly on selling information products in various markets, including dating, weight loss, muscle gain, social media, quit smoking, gaming, organic foods, weddings, and internet marketing training.

In direct sales Stuart Ross focused on travel, personal development, coaching, training, events, mentorship and nutrition.

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross – Co-Founder of the Six Figure Mentors & Digital Experts Academy

But that’s not the end of the story!

Stuart Ross: New Challenge

By 2010, Stuart Ross realised there was more to life than making money hand over fist. He needed a challenge. He needed a new mission.

So Stuart reached out to help others, to mentor others, so they too could learn by taking the short cuts he had.

He wanted to help others establish financial independence and freedom – so they didn’t just dream about it, but they could actually achieve it.

Stuart Ross established The Six Figure Mentors membership and professional online business community on the 9th December 2010.

The one thing that has driven Stuart Ross is his belief in creating something special for the online business community around the world. Stuart Ross is extremely passionate about this and he would admit to being somewhat obsessed by achieving it.

Here’s a few words from Stuart Ross on the subject…

” The times at the Six Figure Mentors are very exciting and I am really looking forward to the future because I strongly feel that as a collaboration around the world we can change the Internet marketing industry for the better and be the proper business resource that is so much needed.

Not just a training platform in fact that’s boring, not just another opportunity that has no depth. It is a true Professional – Online Business – Community, designed by online marketers for online marketers.

That something special, the Digital Experts Academy, went into pre-launch on the 15h November 2012 and a target launch date of 19th January 2013 went ahead. This is an enhanced new platform with some great functions and uniqueness not found anywhere else and that will really asist you in building your business.

The change that is happening is a great one and one that will benefit both current and future members by providing more guidance, enhanced tools and technology, new products to market/consume and a more profitable model.

The vision is to create the worlds most valuable digital marketing community and platform empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to flourish in the digital economy.

If you are serious about your business, don’t wait, join the Digital Experts Academy here, start networking, attending the live webinars, watch all our updates and get communicating with fellow members in readiness for this new phase.

I HIGHLY recommend you attend any local off-line meetings that members are already carrying out. Have a great day and thank you for reading.

Stuart Ross”

There you go, quite inspirational. Do you agree? > Join Here

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross And Mark Ford

The Six Figure Mentors delivers expert marketing education and empowerment to entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Six Figure Mentors is a mentoring platform catering for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals seeking to increase their effectiveness and results by delivering live, in person, and virtual mentorships in every aspect of entrepreneurism.

This includes; digital marketing, personal branding, success mindset, general entrepreneurial skill sets, and best practices in sales and business leadership.

The Six Figure Mentors has helped thousands of people, just like me and just like you, to earn as they learn and escape the rat race for ever.

Stuart Ross Launches The Digital Experts Academy With Jay Kubassek

In April 2012, Stuart bumped into Jay Kubassek. By then the Six Figure Mentors had proven what Stuart Ross set out to do, but he had an even bigger vision and he needed the help of another millionaire digital marketer, and Jay Kubassek was that person.

You see, the make money online niche is very hypey and, unfortunately, is prone to prey on people’s greed and desperation.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek started a movement to overhaul the perception and reality of the make money online niche. To clean it up! To install realistic values!

No easy feat!

So in 2012, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek joined forces and the Digital Expert’s Academy was conceived, established and launched.

Stuart Ross And Jay Kubassek - Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur

Following a search of the internet myself for a top online business program and marketing resource, I joined the Six Figure Mentors in May 2011.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have become my business mentors. I now work alongside Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross as an Elite member of the Six Figure Mentors and a black founder member of the Digital Experts Academy. These are the highest membership positions that you can hold in the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

The Six Figure Mentors is a private membership based community. Membership is granted upon successful completion of an SFM application and interview.

If you would like to wake yourself up to the opportunities that are out there to change your life and join Jay Kubassek, Stuart Ross and myself on this entrepreneurial journey to success in your life, then click the banner below to join the Six Figure Mentors!

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Thomas Power Interviews Stuart Ross On How To Make Money Online.

Thomas Power is some what of an Internet business veteran. He co-founded back in 2008 and currently has the most testimonials in the world on LinkedIn. For the past few years Thomas has been scouting the worlds leading digital experts and finding out exactly how they have found success in the online world.

In this video, Thomas interviews Digital Experts Academy Co-Founder Stuart Ross and gets down the the nitty gritty of what steps he took to build a 7 figure business in under 3 years.


Enjoy… and every success.

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