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Digital Nomads – The end of 9 to 5

In July August this year the first ever Digital Nomad Conference will take place in Berlin. Why am I please about this ? I joined The six figure mentors in 2012 and have watched it grow not without issues to … Read more

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Assorted Shims

Why would you want assorted shims? When most manufacturers go looking for shims, it is for a specific material and thickness. They know exactly what they need, both to fill the gap and to operate under the conditions their components … Read more

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The Importance of Washers

Washers The basic function of a washer is to alleviate some of the pressure a screw head puts on the material it is being screwed into, as well as increase the friction between the screw and the material below, in … Read more

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Stuart Ross – 1a – addendum Why Stuart Ross ?

This was taken from a recent blog post from Stuart Ross’s blog   There is unlimited amounts of traffic out there. You don’t have a traffic problem.  Frankly, you just aren’t being committed enough with going out there and getting … Read more

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Keep it simple

Message. What’s yours? 4% of people will like your message, 7% won’t like your message and 89% won’t even notice it. What do you do to ‘stand out’ in the crowd? If your message isn’t ‘stand out’ people won’t even … Read more

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