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10 reasons to join Digital Expert Academy/ Six Figure Mentors – Number 1 Stuart Ross


Stuart Ross – Number 1

I joined SFM after a chat with Stuart Ross in Costa Coffee in Farnham. Why ? Because he has Integrity. I wrote him a cheque there and then

When he said he wanted to build a marketing system that any ‘average Joe’ can make money out of I believed him. He’s the best man at my wedding’s nephew, I first knew him when he was ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ at his Uncle’s wedding you know the scene of the cute little kids running around kicking balloons around,sliding across a slippery dance floor getting told off for getting his best clothes dirty. So over the years Little Stuart Ross grew into Someone a little taller than my 188cms

Over the last few years I’ve watched in awe as he’s gradually made more and more money on line almost effortlessly or so it seems


He really enthused about a forthcoming merger with Jay Kubassek his mentor from the USA and I have to say alarm bells rang and I thought seriously about asking for my money back.

I run an online marketing business for SME’s and have witnessed first hand just what it is like merging businesses and what a distraction it can be. There were the usual glitches in November and January, resources weren’t quite in place, the upsell wasn’t quite right but overall I have to say Stuart and Jay did a superb job in merging the companies and building the platform that is DEA/SFM

Simply based on Stuarts integrity and desire to build a platform everyone can use I would recommend you sign up today



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