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Stuart Ross – 1a – addendum Why Stuart Ross ?

This was taken from a recent blog post from Stuart Ross’s blog


There is unlimited amounts of traffic out there.

You don’t have a traffic problem.  Frankly, you just aren’t being committed enough with going out there and getting it.


Everyone I know who makes good money online consistently spent at least 6 months beingcommitted to testing and buying traffic until they cracked it.

If you are serious about making serious money, then the best advice I can give you is…

Get committed!

If money is tight… stop eating out, take a pack lunch to work, stay in for 6 months and find the money. If need be, get a second job… Business takes investment in both time and money… SO GET SERIOUS!

In my experience you need at least $100 – $200 per week, EVERY week to start getting good momentum.

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