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Exhaust Gaskets – Can you use Digital bloggers to get to the top of google ?

Exhaust Gaskets as a keyword is fairly non competitive. It’s more of a retail product and over the years My client Piers at has grown rapidly working with me together in  a client/supplier relationship

The company manufactures Gaskets, Exhaust Gaskets, Cylinder Head Gaskets and Novus Gaskets

Simple things.

.Historically the term Exhaust Gaskets has always been on the first page of google for Stephens gaskets. The problem was the site was written in tables and as retail product the likes of Halfords and others have moved above them

PPC works but as an Industrial supplier it’s proved difficult to eradicate enquiries for one off retail products

We all know seo and ppc combined drives more traffic so I thought I’ld write this blog. The term exhaust gasket is currently top of page 3 locally for me here in the Midlands. There are 3 very powerful directories I am about to use but I thought i’ld give this site a go and also Sun Tzu which when it was The Ecademy . the first Business Social Media Site in the UK and was very useful for SEO. I’ll publish a few articles and see what happens.

Copywriting for Exhaust gaskets. What a pain. I’m using wordpress as you can guess. The SEO Score on the right says more words needed. So you write more words including the term Exhaust Gaskets. The SEO Score box on the top right says exhaust gaskets but the optimal keyword density for Exhaust Gaskets is 2-5%

I asked Piers about 3D printing . He reckons it wont impact Exhaust Gaskets currently and they subcontract if they need it. So her’e's to West Midland’s Manufacturers who are thriving. They are just about to increase factory space by 6000sq ft


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