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The Importance of Washers


The basic function of a washer is to alleviate some of the pressure a screw head puts on the material it is being screwed into, as well as increase the friction between the screw and the material below, in order to ensure that the screw is seated properly. Washers are used in many different industries to build many different things, necessitating a wide range of materials, sizes, and thicknesses, all of which we provide.

Aluminium Shim Washers

Aluminium provides a malleable material for washers, which can bend slightly to relieve pressure, is resistant to heat, and can be alloyed with other metals in order to improve its properties.


Brass Shim Washers

As an alloy, brass’s formulation can be adjusted in order to allow its use in a number of different functions. Brass will not spark and is therefore often used in situations where a spark could be a serious problem for the project.


Copper Shim Washers

Copper is the metal of choice when working in instances where conductivity is desired, as well as a material that does not expand greatly when heat is applied. Though it often easily corrodes, copper can be alloyed to make it more durable.


Cork Washers

Cork is often chosen in applications where flexibility and durability are paramount. Cork does not break down easily and can be mixed with other materials to ensure it can perform the right functions.


Klinger Washers

Klinger washers are durable and especially resistant to oil and acid.


Neoprene Washers

Neoprene, which is a form of rubber, is the washer of choice in wet or underwater applications, as it was created to repel water.


Nitrile Washers

Nitrile is another form of rubber, used often in automotive applications. It is very durable, even when the washers must be very thin in order to function properly.


Novus Washers

Novus also repels acids and oils, and is resistant even to temperatures of 400 degrees C. Novus comes in many different compounds to serve in many different applications.


Rubber Washers

Rubber washers come in many different varieties and in many different thicknesses, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The specific formulation of the rubber will dictate how durable, flexible, and effective it is.


Shim Washers

Shims are used to fill gaps in a number of different components, to protect machinery, provide support, and alleviate pressure.


Spring Steel Washers

Spring steel makes extremely effective washers, with plenty of carbon to make them strong and resistant to heat.


Stainless Steel Washers

Stainless steel is used in any industry that needs a durable washer that will not corrode. These washers will not rust out from under their screws and even come in a number of different finishes.


Steel Shim Washers

Steel is especially good at taking the punishment that some washers must endure. They absorb shock and reduce friction, as well as effectively filling a gap without corroding or rusting away.

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