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Assorted Shims

Why would you want assorted shims? When most manufacturers go looking for shims, it is for a specific material and thickness. They know exactly what they need, both to fill the gap and to operate under the conditions their components will be operating under. But what if you do not know those factors yet? What if you want to try a few different materials and thicknesses, in order to determine which is best for your application? That is where assorted shims come in.


What is the function of a shim? In a machine, it is inevitable that certain parts of that machine will eventually wear away, especially with repeated use. In an engine, for example, which has several different moving parts, components, through the wear and tear of everyday use, will become less functional and eventually war away entirely. On some occasions, the introduction of a shim, to provide support, cushioning, and to fill gaps, can prevent or lessen the wear.


The wear on components is usually exacerbated when those components are part of a mass-produced line. This is because it is impossible to perfect how parts will fit when they are mass produced, or, at least, it is very expensive. Instead of straining the budget in order to create perfect parts (which will likely still need a shim), manufacturers use a shim to improve stability and the entire function of the machine, while saving money on production costs. This is not a cut corner, it is simply the best way to ensure stability and functionality.


Assorted shims give manufacturers the ability to try many different materials and thicknesses, in order to find the one that works best for their application. Even if you are aware of all the properties of the metals you can choose from, and know exactly how wide the gap you need to fill is, you may find that the shim you thought would work best actually does not when it is actually in operation. Assorted shims provides for the trial and error that is inevitable in every manufacturing process. It also allows you to have a number of different shims to choose from, for various applications, as every component may not need the same shim in the same place.


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