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About Me: Mike R

 Mike R

Mike R

Mike R – I am an enthusiastic digital marketer, father to 4 kids and a keen sports fan. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing I have scoured the world in recent years to identify true experts in the field of digital marketing.

Why SFM or DEA?

For individuals and SME’s I found the marketplace wanting, lots of get rich quick, so called ‘gurus’ selling rubbish frankly. In Stuart and Jay I have found the opposite. Stuart is actually my Best Man’s nephew, I know him and his family personally. He has walked the talk and has made a fortune online.

I realised whilst I thought I knew a lot about digital marketing I actually knew very little… well relatively.

What he says makes sense. The SFM programme is about as good as it gets in the fast paced world of Internet marketing. What Stuart and Jay have achieved is impressive and the Digital Experts Academy is one of the most exciting business propositions online.

My other business is My clients, all SME’s, are benefiting massively from the lessons that I am learning on a daily basis here.

I am passionate about digital marketing but it has always been an intellectual pursuit. Now I have the opportunity to work with true experts doing something I enjoy, that also allows me to be constantly learning new and valuable things.