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7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Start Their Day The Right Way….

7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Start Their Day The Right Way….



Have you ever wondered what successful entrepreneurs all have in common? They all develop morning routines that are customized to help them reach their everyday goals and achieve consistent success. What are the important parts of a successful entrepreneur’s morning routine? Read on to find out.

Want to know an encouraging fact? We are given 24 hours a day to do something worthwhile with your life. How is this encouraging? you may ask.

Well, guess what: successful entrepreneurs are given the same number of hours, too!

Then, why are they successful while we are not (yet)?

The answer lies in their morning routines. A successful entrepreneur plans his day and starts it with a driven purpose in mind. Every single day. The best part here is that because humans are creatures of habit, once we start doing what the successful people do, we’re bound to be successful as well.

Want to get started? Here are seven things successful entrepreneurs do to start their days right.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

The importance of a good sleep should never be taken for granted. Sleep for a long time and you’re bound to feel drained; sleep for a short time and you’ll feel exhausted as well. I recommend exactly six hours, personally, but you can also experiment with the number of hours that works for you. Drink milk, stay away from coffee, read a relaxing book, or take a shower before sleeping – stick with the working formula.

Once you start waking up refreshed and bursting with energy, your day will only become better.

2. Live your Life Dreams manual

For you to accomplish this step, you actually need to make a Life Dreams manual first. To give you the gist, for discussion purposes, a Life Dreams manual simply contains all your dreams and wishes.

What makes a Life Dreams manual different from the rest is that you have a better chance of achieving your realistic and ideal dreams because you need to input basic action plans and measurable indicators of success during the course of your goal attainment.

Instead of “put up a business…”, you’re better off writing “set up a (specific) business catering to (targeted) audience by the date X. Start working on this by doing X, Y and Z. I can define it as successful if it meets the following standards…”

Your Life Dreams manual isn’t your ordinary “oh-how-I-wish” manual. It’s your “oh-look-at-me-win-at-life” bible.

3. Make a Motivation Board

Why do you want to be successful in the first place? Find out your emotional why.

We are visual creatures so get creative! With today’s technology, you can edit pictures that represent your dreams.

Collect pictures of your goals (a house with your name on it, a huge smile on a person’s face, a popular landmark you want to visit, your dream business being flocked by a lot of people, a book displaying you as the author, a popular talk show host interviewing you…)

Go and collate them all now. Hey, no one needs to see this board but you, anyway.

4. Pump those endorphins out!

Now that you’re getting motivated, it’s time to pump out more hormones to make you feel happy! A happy person tends to cope better with stress and think more rationally than depressed people.

You don’t need to hit up the gym and blow off your cash recklessly. After all, being successful is about starting slowly but surely getting to the finish line.

Start by running for five minutes a day. Do this for twenty-seven days. And then after this, increase it to ten minutes a day. What’s important is that you do it consistently.

Play your upbeat music. It can even be a pop song by Justin Bieber or One Direction – no one’s judging you!

5. List your 4 To-Do items

After releasing your happy hormones, it’s time to take a short break and sit down for a while. Take slow sips of water and inhale deep breaths.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why only four? Less is more, remember? Also, the fewer items you have on your list, the higher the chance of you completing them is.

We will divide these into: one Life Dreams task, two work-related tasks, and one personal task. Put your thinking cap on and prioritize.

6. Break the fast

Your body is not consuming food as you sleep, so when you wake up, be sure to feed it nutrient-rich foods. Sugars like muffins, white bread, and creamy pancakes will give you energy for a while, but will make you feel sluggish as their effects wear off.

It’s better to eat high-fiber fruits and cereals to give you a consistent energy supply. Try filling up your omelet with greens, too, and eat your way up towards success.

7. Connect with your loved ones before doing the actual work

Hug your partner good-bye, tell corny jokes to your kids or call your mother and chat with her for a while. This step is to make you realize that there are still people who love and care for you.

Take this moment to be appreciative of everyone around you.

Smile! You are already successful

Appreciation and gratitude when starting your

day is all apart of making it the best day no

matter what you today when you awake

first be grateful for what you have..who you have

and what your about to receive..when we do

these simple routines more of what we are

grateful about will show up…

Heres to your continued Success as an Entrepreneur….:)

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