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10 Ways to Maximize Your Value as an Entrepreneur NOW

“It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.” – Bennis and Nanus Entrepreneurship, the often talked about abyss of opportunity, freedom and hardcore hustle, is not only expressed by … Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Become Who You Were Born To Be

They say your life is like the seasons; that Autumn (the fall) is where we harvest, and Winter is when we go into hibernation. That is, we use that time for rest and introspection. When you think about it, Winter is almost our time for rebuilding; down… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Freedom is a Choice & a Responsibility

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” – Voltaire Well, then man better make that decision as quickly as possible in his (or her) life, or they will forever be a slave to the system. It’s funny, I often hear people say that they crave… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Are You In ‘Victim’ Mode or ‘Abundance’ Mode?

Throughout the week a handful of times I found myself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and not even knowing why. But one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes there isn’t a logical reason why we feel things. Sometimes we’re just human. Maybe some… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Building A Lifestyle Business From Scratch

Making Your Online Business Dreams A Reality  Friends, hi! I’m Stuart Ross, co-founder of Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors along with my business partner Jay Kubassek. I am here to introduce you to our completely free training program… Read more

by Stuart Ross |

The Power of Embracing Risk To Your Advantage

Momentum is key. And the more you have, the more you want to make sure you have your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed. You don’t sit there every day and contemplate whether or not something is worth doing, you just keep doing it. You need to be go… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |


  THE MISSION TO WAKE UP… For me, the “aWAKEUPcall” is about NOT being stuck. It’s about NOT subscribing to what society has trained individuals to repeatedly do over and over again based on some mythical blueprint to what is called l… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Digital Experts Academy

His current passion project is the Digital Experts Academy, a life raft for those still stuck in the Titanic economy. Launched in 2013 with a focused mission to help individuals and businesses escape the stranglehold of the traditional economy, DEA pro… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Aliquot Films

  Sheltered and without access to media, TV, radio, or the cinema until leaving the commune where he grew up, two of Jay’s passions are story-telling and making movies. His recently launched film production company, Aliquot Films, is credited wi… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |


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