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Freedom’s Big Ticket Price Tag

Freedom is a possession of inestimable value. – Marcus Tullius Cicero   The Value of Freedom Freedom /ˈfrēdəm/ (noun) – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Yet how many people real… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Here’s Why You Can’t Afford to NOT Invest In Yourself

Time seems to accelerate. The older I get with each year, it’s as almost as if time seems to pass quicker and quicker. I believe there’s a reason for that – Each year, percentage-wise, it’s a much smaller percentage of your overall life. Th… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

The Most Incredible Parts Of Life Are the Ones That Happen When You Least Expect Them

Have you ever found yourself constantly looking for an answer? Have you been stuck and overwhelmed knowing that you need to find a solution for something that’s been on your mind? If you’re like most people walking this Earth, then the answer 100% … Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

3 Things To Help You Keep the Right Perspective

Have you ever noticed that “wake up calls” usually come from something a bit daunting? Sometimes it’s the unfortunate things that happen, that kick us in our ass and then we have to take a step back to gain the right perspective. The fact is, “… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

What’s Your Definition of Success?

success |səkˈses| – noun – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose And while this definition seems to be so simplistic in this current form, I believe success has a much deeper level of understanding. It’s unique to the indivi… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Protected: Steps to create your ideal life…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read more

by Stuart Ross |

10 Ways to Maximize Your Value as an Entrepreneur NOW

“It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.” – Bennis and Nanus Entrepreneurship, the often talked about abyss of opportunity, freedom and hardcore hustle, is not only expressed by … Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Become Who You Were Born To Be

They say your life is like the seasons; that Autumn (the fall) is where we harvest, and Winter is when we go into hibernation. That is, we use that time for rest and introspection. When you think about it, Winter is almost our time for rebuilding; down… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Freedom is a Choice & a Responsibility

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” – Voltaire Well, then man better make that decision as quickly as possible in his (or her) life, or they will forever be a slave to the system. It’s funny, I often hear people say that they crave… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Are You In ‘Victim’ Mode or ‘Abundance’ Mode?

Throughout the week a handful of times I found myself feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and not even knowing why. But one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes there isn’t a logical reason why we feel things. Sometimes we’re just human. Maybe some… Read more

by Jay Kubassek |