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Direct Sales Business Success and Team Building

Direct Sales Business Success and Team Building, direct sales, team, team building, leader, team leaderDirect Sales Business Success and Team Building

Being successful in direct sales requires more effort than just recruitment and training of new team members. As a leader, you will find yourself doing a great deal of mentoring, but you also need to be able to build solid relationships and conduct business in a trustworthy manner.

You need to build a relationship with your team members, your sales team and your customers. It almost seems like all we talk about is building relationships with your customers and readers, but it’s equally as important to have fluid and cohesive relationships with your entire team. If one of your goals is to grow your direct sales business into a profitable company, then these relationships needs to reach out to your extended team members, such as accountants, attorneys and partners as well. Maintaining these relationships is usually the difference between a company that makes it and one that doesn’t.

If you’ve ever done any reading in the investment genre, you may have heard them mention something about building your teams and how critical that is to success. You can’t do everything on your own forever.
You will soon find out that mastering the art of delegation is almost just as difficult as anything else you have done so far to build your business. Letting some one take the reigns of your little baby is a hard thing to do, but it is inevitable and essential to success.

Below are a few tips to help once you get to that point in your business, when you finally need HELP.

1. Before you begin recruiting members for your team, come up with a business plan for your business. In your business plan, include the mission, vision, objectives, and goals of your company. This will give you some direction and allow you to measure your progress as you move forward. Once you develop your business plan, you can begin the task of recruiting team members that will help your business maintain your business objectives and constantly move forward as follow your vision towards building your business your way..

Direct Sales Business Success and Team Building, direct sales, team, team building, leader, team leader2. Team development begins with recruiting solid team prospects. It is important to be willing to put yourself in places that will allow you to find those who are interested and passionate about becoming a hard-working team member. Finding team members that have the same vision and goals as you do is a great place to start.  Start with friends and family who might be interested in working closely with you and share your visions, goals and values. I would rather find a friend who is into marketing and business and get them to help me out. You can potentially make them rich too.

3. Finding the right team members really isn’t the hardest part of team development. The most difficult aspect of it all boils down to converting that prospect into a team member and making sure they are well informed and trained about all aspects of your business. That’s why some experience is usually preferred. I want to make sure that my new team member has some experience so I’m not investing the next 6 months on training. Instead I can focus on building and marketing That’s whole point, isn’t It?

For this to happen, you need to make sure that you are well educated on your business and the direction you intend on going with it, and that your goals and visons are clear. Be available and flexible so that your team members can consult with you, when they are in need of assistance. If your team members see that you are very knowledgeable about the business and it’s direction, love what you do and support them, they are much more likely to become extraordinary team members.

Direct Sales Business Success and Team Building, direct sales, team, team building, leader, team leader

4. As prospects become team members, realize that these folks are your co-workers and partners in your success. Each of you is working towards a common goal. As a team leader you need to put forth the effort to lead the team. This will consist of regular training sessions, conference calls and interaction with your team members. You should always be teaching your team something new, and leading them from the front. That was my motto as a team leader in the Marine Corps infantry. “Real Leaders Lead From The Front”. 

Your Marines will always follow you, if they know you will do your best not to lead into harms way, and if you do, they know you are in the front the whole time. They will follow a LEADER every time. You need to become a LEADER. (Do this quickly)

5. Time management is another essential component of ensuring success as a direct sales business owner. You will want to make sure you work on a schedule and prioritize business tasks accordingly. What’s most important and what needs to be done first? This is something you will also be sharing with your team members as you coach them. They will need to manage their time wisely as well. There are thousands of time management practices out there. Find the one that works the best for you and your team and master it. Don’t take forever to find a time management strategy that’s perfect for you, that can take you years. Find the one you understand the best and is easiest to turn into a habit. You can tweak it here and there when you have TIME. Right now you’ve got work to do.

6. Assist your team members when they need it. Don’t just leave them out there to figure it out on their own. That wastes time. They could be making you money in that same time frame.This will also consist of helping them build their own teams, if your vision and business model requires that. Each new team member should be a step closer to success, and being self sufficient and operating on their own, everyday. Especially when they have such an awesome Team Leader.

As your business evolves from start-up to rock star status, always remember to set and prioritize your goals. Once you reach one goal, it’s time to set another one. Stay motivated and reward yourself and your team for a job well done. When team members see you as a positive example and motivator, they are much more likely to work hard, stay focused and deliver the outcomes that will result in success for your business.

Follow your vision and you should have no problem building a successful direct sales business and team to support it.

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Direct Sales Business Success and Team Building, direct sales, team, team building, leader, team leader




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