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3 Best Ways to Make Money from Home Part Time

3 Best Ways to Make Money from Home Part Time


best ways to make money from home part time

Many people are currently in the position of looking for something part time to work at home that will either pay the bills or even help with monthly grocery shopping and gas expenses.  Too many people have lost hope for finding work according to a Yahoo news article I read, most unemployed adults have given up and are just staying unemployed doing nothing about their current situation because there aren’t that many jobs available.

The governmental programs that they suggest people collecting state benefits attend to learn how to update a resume, dress for an interview, search their job postings and learn computer software skills are very out dated.  Even the darn instructors who are teaching don’t really care about teaching the unemployed market what to do as they themselves are bored as hell with their jobs.

That doesn’t have to happen and if this is you and your reading this post then I am encouraging you to step up to the plate of becoming your own boss.  If that regular job of yours doesn’t make you happy and you feel it’s time for a career change then these 3 best ways will help you learn what options are available.

Whether you’re a person who just went back to work part-time, seasonal or unemployed these suggestions will help you get an idea of what to do.



Here are 3 best ways to make money from the home part time that you can do around your schedule.


1. Direct Selling ~ this is the best alternative to MLM is to get involved in a direct sales business with a high payout of at least $100-200 on every sale.  Anything lower than that and you end up with just a hobby type of income. Now if you don’t know where to find and do research on which Direct Sales company to join just go to and you will be able to pick from that master list, but make sure you ask lots of questions and do your due diligence.

2. Freelance Contractor/Outsource ~ this is another way while you are working to add an additional source of income as a matter of fact it’s proven as we do this kind of work right now.  What you can do is find some online contracting work to do for businesses such as creating and maintaining blogs, writing content, making logos and graphics for social media, or becoming a social media manager.  Craigslist and Elance are great sources you have view listings for these types of contract work and the pay is far better than what you have earned per hour.  Many freelancers who get hired part time end up advanced in skills and become valuable to the business owner and rehired for full-time contracting earning you much more per month.

3. Becoming a Coach ~ this method is good for those people who have extensive knowledge and desire to teach others their skills while getting paid for it.  You don’t have to be certified to be a coach but you do have to have some credibility of at least a year of success in order to teach others.  There are various kinds of subjects and courses to create such ideas like Facebook and Twitter 101, Social Networking, Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Diet and Fitness, Sales Coaching, Personal Development, and much more. Find what you like and desire to teach then create video boot camps by recording your sessions and sell them.  If you don’t know how much to charge just go on Google and research prices for online educational products.  Tip: When you sell something online it’s different than offline traditional prices. Online sales prices on programs and software have a number 7 somewhere in the price because it’s psychological and it converts. Ever seen eBooks online or video boot camps that show prices like $47, $57, $197, $297, $1,097, $4,997 it’s there for a reason.  No one will tell you this information as this is one of the secrets used by internet marketing gurus I am sharing with you.

Listen, these suggestions are based on real results of working from a laptop lifestyle.  Making money from home part-time has its plus and its minuses because you’re not conditioned with an entrepreneur mindset.  The danger of that is you won’t be self-sufficient and will solely depend on working for someone else just to earn what you are not worth.

I like to hear from you and your efforts of what you decided to do so leave a comment below.

If you have some capital set aside my advice to you is to learn and find out what you can about these 3 best ways to make money from home part time and make a plan of action.


Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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