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BlackBox Cosmetics Review | Is Black Box Cosmetics A Hobby or Real Business?

BlackBox Cosmetics Review | Is Black Box Cosmetics A Hobby or Real Business?

blackbox cosmetics review

Today’s blog post we are going to discuss the question of the new MLM company known as BlackBox Cosmetics. Every woman loves makeup and skin care products but is this company an opportunity or more like a personal hobby that’s the question. Read more…!
Before we begin this BlackBox cosmetics review all of making clear that we are in no way affiliated with the company and that this review is based upon research and experince in the industry of Network Marketing as leaders.

BlackBox Cosmetics Review | The Story

BlackBox cosmetics started out in Sarasota Florida as direct sales skincare company. It was founded by Kevin B. Evans in 2009. At the time he was researching natural alternatives to non-toxic cosmetics to market.

Allows these products he developed BlackBox cosmetics which is the high end four letter specific consumable personal care for women. BlackBox cosmetics products are flawed and they did it with the new trends and the tentacles that offer results.

Although this company is a cosmetics company that also want to leverage the distribution of their products therefore creating a direct selling company by adopting the multilevel marketing business model.

BlackBox Cosmetics Review | Compensation Plan

A 20% commission is paid out on the personal sales volume mostly on your sales that are made through your BlackBox cosmetics shopping portal website. Many people have been able to join this company simply because the compensation structure has no sales requirements no monthly commitment, no annual fees, no stocking of inventories, and no recruiting. So they say when the advertise but these details demonstrate to us that this is not a business but more like a hobby.

BlackBox Cosmetics Review | Not A Valid Business

So you have a lot of women joining this company while they all have to really not do anything and yet there told they don’t need to recruit people just order makeup and skincare for themselves and their friends will love it. Yeah right, listen in order to build your BlackBox Cosmetics like a legit business it’s going to take work.

This is not the type of company we would align ourselves with. We don’t trust companies like this as this shows to us it’s a low low end hobby type of business opportunity and comes with very little reward for your efforts.  This is why we prefer high ticket direct sales as the commission is larger and with learning lead generation skills we can have multiple streams of income through a funded proposal system.

Are you still struggling in BlackBox Cosmetics? Watch this video!

With that being said if you really are serious about becoming a top producer in BlackBox cosmetics as a business then here are a few tips that will help you build it like a serious business and not as a hobby.

Don’t duplicate what everybody else is doing in that company because that is gonna set you up for failure. Truth be told it’s gonna take heart and effort on your product to market and advertise your BlackBox cosmetics business online and not through many parties.

If you allow people gravitate to you learn attraction marketing skills this way the respect shoe income to you as the authority figure in your niche which is your makeup business.

If you have sold some products to a few customers ask them to write testimonials for you with their permission to share on your websites and YouTube. Testimonials are powerful ways of social proof and this will also make you look good as well as your business more attractive to others.

These steps are just a few who of the lessons we have learned through reading Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring online video courses which is available to our Elite Marketing Pro students only.


Cheers to your success,

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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