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Glide App Review | How To Use Glide Beta App

Glide App Review | How To Use Glide Beta App

Glide App

Everyone loves video! I love video chats in Skype, Facebook, Oovoo, and Google + Hangout. The trouble with video chatting is the fact there is a long delay and it’s not a so cool experience if you got to wait for the person to pause while they are talking to get the full message. In this Glide App Review I am going to share with you my story of how it all started and show you how to download and use this app for personal conversation and in business.

Glide App Review | How I Discovered The Glide App

Late one night while I was chilling on my bed I was messing around inside the Google Playstore, you know the area on your Android that houses all the free and paid apps for your smartphone. Well, while waiting for Rich to come home from work he was texting me a lot that night and I text him back asking him if he was in the car texting while driving.

Of course, he said, I am texting you because I miss you and want to see what you’re up to. Okay, so like I have a real problem with that as it’s really totally not safe to text and drive. I felt uneasy knowing he was texting me and driving at night tired from working in the field all day. This was my motivation as I had enough of this texting and really wanted to see his face and talk to him so I started searching under the keyword Video Chat in the Google Playstore.

The results that came up were 1. Oovoo, 2. Tango, 3. Skype, 4. Camfrog Video Chat, 5. Video Chat by FriendCaller, 6. Paltalk Video Chat Free, 7. TK Video chat for Facebook, 8. Rounds Video Chat, and 9. Glide App -Video Texting. How interesting as I was scrolling down with my finger I dug up this holy grail of video texting and I didn’t realize how powerful it can be. I pressed the app and reviewed the reviews first of course before downloading it and then I watched the preview video commercial and that is what sold me!

This is definitely the app I was searching for so I can stay connected with the love of my life Rich Guzman and it’s completely safer than texting while driving. Now we see eachother every day while he is traveling and doing business at the same time I am making his day and he is making my day feel great. Suddenly, a friend of mine on Facebook asked what the heck is Glide Video Texting? and that is when I thought ooh! I could also share this app for fun with my online buddies, friends, and customers to stay in real-time connection with me like a walkie-talkie but with video.

Soo Cool! to talk to a Facebook new or old connection that I haven’t talked or chatted with since 2008 and see their face and hear their voice as if I am right there in the room with them.  Awesome! way to establish and build relationships online.

You can download Glide to your smartphone for free and you can communicate with anyone who has it.

Founded and created by an Israeli communication company, Glide Talk. (Pretty neat name) This technology had the attention of two special and powerful men in the technology industry. The project raised up to $2 million dollars and thanks to the contribution of these two men who funded the project former ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger CEO, Orey Gilliam and Philippe Schwartz, founder and CEO of OoVoo instant messaging.

First of all, Glide App is an awesome free video messenger android app that will allow anyone who downloads it to send each other short video chat messages that can be seen live in real-time conversation or later on if you missed it. The Glide App has a special chime that lets the user know there is a message incoming as well. Even though Glide Video Texting is new it’s still patent pending with a few delays and bugs but it works great with Wifi and 4G areas.

Glide App Video Texting is currently available to use in connection to your Facebook, but the founders have announced recently that new updates are coming soon where it will be integrated on other most popular social networks. All the videos you record are saved and stored in a cloud based technology and you can always re-play them later to catch up on missed video calls. The Glide App has unlimited talk and unlimited text so unlike Twitter where you limited to 140 characters right…this doesn’t have that and you can send longer conversation text to your companion or friend.

Glide App Review | Pros and Cons To Having Glide App Video Texting

Here are the pros to having this kind of app:

  • Safer to than texting and you can show yourself hanging out with the family or at a business meeting rather than text “Hey, I am at a meeting today!”
  • Faster than instant messaging with just a tap of your finger, send a instant video text message to your friend or client even if offline.
  • There is no need to wait for a green available light icon that tells you your contact is a online to talk like in Oovoo and Skype
  • Great conversation starter with old friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
  • You can create group chats of unlimited size.
  • No need to upload videos or download a video message.
  • Cloud technology so no need to take up data space.
  • Re-play saved videos anytime.
  • Now available for iPhone and Android users. 100% Free!

Here is what I found to be the cons to this app:

  • Not compatible with all phones especially it doesn’t have iOS app’s function such as the flip of the camera.
  • Currently available for Facebook account users and syncs with all of your friends and contacts with your permission.
  • Must be in a Wifi area or 4G as the better the signal the best recordings.

Glide App Review | Conclusion

My final conclusion with the Glide App Video Texting download is that I have been using this for over a month and I am totally addicted that now I use it for personal to stay in contact with friends and family as well as for business communication.  How do you like the Glide App so far?

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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