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Government Shutdown 2013 | How’s This Going To End?

Government Shutdown 2013 | How’s This Going To End?

Government Shutdown 2013

Here we go again! The republicans are being a bunch of cry babies and don’t want to pay what they owe so now everyone in America has to feel the pinch for their actions again.  So basically America sits on it’s BALLS!
Last time this situation occurred it was back far back as 17 years ago. But dam during our economic collapse they decided to pull it off again not taking into consideration of the tens of excuse me millions of families who work for the government to face the financial crisis.

Government Shutdown 2013 | Thousands Furloughed And Upset

Today I wanted to make sure it was really effecting families so I went to visit a few passerby near where I live and asked them on the spot what the Government Shutdown 2013 means to them.

Here is what some people had to say and keep in mind to protect their identities we will not be using any names and so this on the spot interview was conducted in Westfield, MA.

“I work for the U.S Airforce, and now I have to either go to file for unemployment and find a part-time construction job.”

“I am scared what if I can’t find a job before my rent is due”

“It’s BS! I am not sure how long this is going to last or when it will end but dammit what am I going to do about money”

“They don’t care, Government never ever cared about the American people only their own wallets, we haven’t even prepared or at least have time to prepare for this illegal shutdown.”

As you can see its a real “hot mess” as we say back in New Jersey. Everyone from all different governmental backgrounds are feeling the pinch.

So now what do you do from this point and what are your options if you can’t find a job or even go back to work until the Government shutdown 2013 ends?

Here is the thing, over 400,000 people estimated will be furloughed which means a temporary unpaid leave of some employees due to special needs of a company, which may be due to economic conditions at the specific employer or in the economy as a whole.

These involuntary furloughs may be short or long term, and many of those affected may seek other temporary employment during that time. ~ Wikipedia.

What we recommend is for those of you who are in this situation to really find a plan b financial game plan till this so called Government shutdown 2013 blows over. Well, how do you do that? We may not know how you feel or what is going through your mind right now.

But we advise you to not doing anything that you would regret and really think about learning a whole new set of skills during the time you are furloughed and become an internet marketer.

To best help you during this crisis we want to share with you what is the best alternative which will be all about education of adults who are transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur by running a business all online through your laptop or home computer.

Is this legit? Absolutely. We don’t BS here and we offer nothing more than the truth and education you seek to grow a six figure income or more all online.

We are having an online info webinar that will help you visually best understand how this plan b alternative option will help you during this financial crisis and prove to you it’s working for people like me and Rich as well as thousands of people all over the world avoid the pinch of the Government Shutdown 2013.

How Has This Shutdown Effected You So Far?

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