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How to Get Vemma Leads in 6 Simple Steps

How to Get Vemma Leads in 6 Simple Steps

Get Vemma Leads

You’re probably reading this blog post on How to Get Vemma Leads because either your in a rut trying to figure out how to get leads online or you like to learn other effective strategies that work with online lead generation.

Here are 6 simple steps to apply to get Vemma leads:

1. Focus on a Daily Method Of Operation that includes a daily schedule of what money making activities (MMA)  you will do each day such as making calls to customers or chatting on facebook with live prospects.

2. Don’t spam just ask people for permission to review your Vemma opportunity, if they say yes Great send them the link to a webinar presentation and follow up. If they say no or not interested, then thank them for their time and let them know it’s not for everyone.

3. Use a “Call to Action” such as Click Here, or Download Here, and Enter Here this helps as part 1 of the funnel process so if you don’t have a lead capture page to capture every email (leads) and track where they are coming from you better get one.

4. Don’t use your replicated Vemma website to try and capture leads as this will cause you to lose your lead. Instead just have a website domain of your own and use it for your lead capture or funnel system.

5. Learn to advertise by studying Ad Copy and using it in your posts, blogs, and headlines for your images. You can learn some great Ad Copy by looking at magazines at Barnes & Noble Bookstore or your Magazine Aisle at the grocery store. Whip out your smart phone and take some photos of ads that appeal to you.  This is a great way to attract and get Vemma leads.

6. Create a facebook group for interested Vemma prospects, then post value based content like recipes for Vemma shakes and juices, fun facts and polls, photos and videos of Vemma testimonials, and etc. just keep it engaging and no spam ever should be allowed.

These are just 6 simple steps to help you get Vemma leads but there are much more strategies to learn and apply so we encourage you to become a student at our Digital Experts Academy where you will learn these methods and become a better entrepreneur for your Vemma Business.


What Are You Doing Online To Get Vemma Leads?

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