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Market America Scam Debunked | 4 Fast Growing Secrets Revealed

Market America Scam Debunked | 4 Fast Growing Secrets Revealed

Market America Scam

I have a few questions for struggling distributors and field reps involved in the direct sales company known as Market America. Since enrolling and submitting your application have you made enough money to retire yet or leave your day job? Has it been difficult to grow your UnFranchise Business Development Center’s business volume (BV) to 2,000 points in each leg? Would you like to learn what the top field UnFranchise leaders are doing to grow their teams and business centers so fast? Then read the rest of today’s blog post about Market America Scam Debunked as I share with you top secrets of the leaders in Market America who are already earning millions per year.

Market America Scam | 4 Secrets To Grow Your UnFranchise Organization The Right Way

Your probably at a stand still starring at your UnFranchise trying to figure out why after all the retailing, prospecting, recruiting, attending company events, and home party presentations your doing yourself but your not getting anywhere. I know how that feels as I did the same thing and in fact Market America was my first direct sales experience at the age of 18.  Here is a photo of me with my old upline Elizabeth Weber and my first personally sponsored representative who is one of my best friends today Sean Brant.

market america scam

Sure I was a hot head, fast talker, and terrible at listening but I still earned a few dollars and I didn’t have as much coaching and knowledge as I have today that would have catapulted my (BV) through the roof. What I know now that I didn’t know then I would be driving that Lamborghini racing along with Ben Ginder chilling at the beach on the weekends. Instead I only stayed as long as I could and moved over to another company which continued my journey. I am telling you this so you know that I have learned so much from my journey and growth as a leader myself in our internet marketing industry and what I know that works with any compensation plan these strategies I am about to share with you do apply to building a solid Market America foundation and residual empire.

Secret #1 ~ You Want More Leaders In Your Legs

Leaders have to have followers in order to become leaders well all that means is you must learn how to attract leaders into your organization. You do this by first learning to be a leader yourself and training your every essence such as mindset and personal development and increase your skill sets in this industry known as network marketing. The duplication will follow after you learn what activities you need to do yourself in your marketing of your business while at the same time teaching your personally sponsored representatives in training.

This is super critical because talking and telling people what to do doesn’t work but when you actually do it together with them it opens up a whole new way of leadership for you and your team. If you like to compare what leadership really is take for example your boss if something needs to be done he or she tells you go do it but a leader says let’s do this together.

Secret #2 ~ Work Hard To Play Hard Later

Some of you really dabble and treat your business like a hobby come on keep it real you know you do that is why your commission checks are not showing any triple digits or commas. You don’t get mad at that instead you learn what you have to do to treat your business like a business professional stay at home mom or dad CEO! I am going to be bold here when I say you got no reason to bullshit in your business. You want out of that job or not go back to work after your unemployment runs out then you got to work hard and make your calls, emails, blog posts, follow ups, everything under the sun to get it going.

Secret #3 ~ The Secret To Duplication Is Having Fun

If you want really great people who commit to doing what you do then you better demonstrate that leadership yourself as well while having fun. It’s no wonder top leaders in network marketing love to do what they do its because we have a great time building together and helping each other.

Secret #4 ~ Create Momentum

The momentum is the secret sauce to growing very fast in any business so not just Market America but any MLM or online business.

I trust you learned from these key strategies and secrets in this post on Market America Scam.  The company is not a scam people just say that because they haven’t grasp the learning process and want success handed to them instead of them working hard.

These secrets will take your business to the next level but keep in mind as I mentioned above your skills is what you must develop in this industry if your going to compete against your competitors and stand out in your marketing so learn more about becoming a student at Digital Experts Academy.


How Are You Building Your Market America Business?

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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