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Not Your Typical La Bella Baskets Review

Not Your Typical La Bella Baskets Review

 La Bella Baskets Review

In this unbiased La Bella Baskets Review I am going to give you my opinion on the company, the opportunity, and its products so you can have a better perspective as to see if it’s for you or not.  Just keep in mind I am not affiliated nor a distributor with La Bella Baskets so if you want to learn more about the opportunity visit their main website and contact the company for a local rep in your area.

La Bella Baskets Review | Story

La Bella Baskets is a new network marketing company that focuses on the retail and distribution of luxury themed gift baskets.  La Bella Baskets launched December 2009 by owners and co-founders Anis Rodriguez and her partner Mia Florides.

The mission of the company is to provide an affordable way of gift giving for special occasions and giving back to the single mother community.  As a single mother once I recall being involved in another company similar to this company and I can tell you today the gift basket industry is proved to be a billion dollar business and wide spread all across the world.

Gift baskets are a way of showing appreciation and it’s presented by arranging themed colored flowers and decorations like ribbons, and bows, and by adding themed product like cheeses, teas, coffee, fruit and nuts, bath and body spa products, or flowers.

La Bella Baskets design, package the products, insert a gift card and drop ship to the customer.  It can be frustrating when you are chosen to get a gift for someone but don’t know what they like or if your ideal gift would be pleasing enough so gift baskets are the way to go.

La Bella Baskets Review | Inside the Opportunity

The company has a program for consultants to get paid commission for selling gift baskets online through a replicated website showcasing well over 400 plus themed flowers, gifts, and gourmet style gift baskets.  They try to make it easy for people who are interested in working at home to get started by paying an upfront fee of $19.95 per month to get your business started.

What comes inside your business kit is a monthly newsletter and you get access to the back office of their training site. You also get a downloadable 20 page full-color product catalog. That’s basically it! The company does advertise on their main website to a Free 7-Day Trial to test out the website and view all features, this way they are becoming transparent with nothing to hide.

Women especially who are entrepreneurs appreciate this extra step as they like to always try first before the buy. Is this opportunity for everyone no it’s not but if your passionate about gift baskets and you want to really make it to the top of their compensation plan then I suggest you learn all about marketing.

La Bella Baskets have training included but again as I written in recent MLM company reviews they aren’t going to teach the exact methods or selling secrets to make you the top sales consultant.  You would have to hire or pay for a business coach or educational system focused on helping consultants and reps how internet marketing works and get good at it.

The website is pretty and pink with lots of information located in their videos and FAQ section so I encourage you to read everything.

Conclusion of La Bella Baskets Review

I feel that the La Bella Baskets opportunity is good for stay at home moms who want to earn a minimal amount of income.  I don’t see this as a lucrative opportunity as the percentage of earnings on the commission compared to other business opportunities for women on the internet are higher.

You’re not going to get rich but you will earn something and that’s not where your mindset should be at, you should be thinking on a larger scale.  The prices of the gift baskets are not cheap they are expensive and compared to no different.

The styles are very much alike when you review the shopping portal so it’s not something to be excited about to me it’s just another direct selling opportunity with a low residual.  If you are going to make money you want to aim for a value based opportunity that is going to help people and pay you a higher commission not 35%.

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