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Vemma Review | How To Succeed As A Newbie

Vemma Review | How To Succeed As A Newbie

Vemma Review

Today’s post is not about dissing this company for their efforts but in fact to applaud them for coming out with such bad ass branding and great nutritional drinks and supplements. In this Vemma review I will be going to share who they are and how you can succeed in their compensation plan if your currently looking to get into Vemma as a distributor or already an executive marketer with them and have no clue how to market online.

Vemma Review | Wellness Booming

We now know that the next billion dollar industry is already here in 2013 and it’s health and wellness. Almost 85% of baby boomers are seeking much better and higher quality healthy alternatives to anti-aging, more energy, and improving muscles as well as losing weight.

No wonder you have a new MLM company like Vemma coming out with all their new deliciously looking advertisements with that bold color of orange and green. Kind of reminds me of the other three companies that is competition to them such as ViSalus, Limu and Xango. I am interested to see how this new company is going to surpass them.

Vemma Review | The Story

New Vision Aka Vemma, a health and wellness network marketing company, was created by the Boreyko family in 1995 in Scottsdale Arizona. New Vision offers a different compensation plan to its distributors than Vemma however. New Vision calls its compensation plan a “Vertical Payout” compensation plan. Call it what you want but when I reviewed their compensation plan it’s like a Binary Matrix you still have to build two legs. I will get more into this further in the post at the end of my review.

Vemma Review | The Products

Vemma has several different products that customers and representatives swear they are great tasting and show results. Vemma and Verve vitamin supplement drinks are each manufactured with the ingredient of mangosteen fruit juice. The products contain antioxidants found in mangosteen and green tea, with aloe vera and over 66 different vitamins and nutrients.

Verve which is the other juice supplement has the same mangosteen fruit juice benefits, as well as guarana seed extract which promotes energy. Many of the Vemma customers testimonials and videos support how the price of $70.00 per month for just one month of supply, are saying just within the month of taking the product their energy and stamina are increased as well as some people have lost weight.

Is Vemma A Scam?

All Vemma and Verve products are sold and distributed through a network of independent Vemma distributors. As with all MLM type of companies you must pay for your product, have enough on hand to distribute and sell if your going to make profit and train your new recruits. That doesn’t mean Vemma is a scam. In fact recently this year Vemma was recognized by the Direct Selling Association in their efforts to launch their product Verve Bold which won the DSA ETHOS Award. The DSA has been around for over 100 years and their panel of experts don’t just give awards to any company and certainly ones posing as a scam.

Vemma’s compensation plan is considered a binary plan therefore that means it operates on the volume produced based on sales volume on both legs but you get paid on the weaker leg. In order to really capitalize in Vemma review as a home business your going to need to treat it like a business, get a set of online marketing skillsets in order to be successful online with your marketing if your are to stand out of your competition and purchase up to 200 or more personal points of product for yourself monthly.

How To Succeed With Vemma As A Newbie

Vemma Review Qualifications: Active Brand Partners with a 120 reward point order every month and a 120 reward point Auto-delivery order on file, along with two (2) personally enrolled active Brand Partners, one (1) on each team. At the end of each volume period (week), Vemma’s computers search down Brand Partners’ left and right teams, and whenever 180 reward points on one team and 360 reward points on the opposite team occur (sides can switch back and forth), Brand Partners are eligible to earn a Cycle Bonus of approximately $20 USD.** The weekly cycle value will be determined each week based upon total sales divided by the amount of qualified cycles. That’s the brunt of it right…well not quite? check this out!

From my experience your going to really have to work hard selling these products if your going to make any significant amount of money or change your address. I am not sure if you want to work so hard to earn such a small amount of commission in 2-3 years. This is the cold fact of network marketing and they don’t tell you this nor will your upline mention it until you start failing in your first 30 days of taking action.

Recently I was approached online through Facebook with over 100 messages of new friend requests only to network and take a look at each of these new distributors who are excited about their Vemma opportunity. Listen…people don’t do business with companies or their products. People do business with people that is the kind of marketing industry we have evolved to.

When you really study and take a close look at the income disclaimer on the Vemma Compensation booklet that came in your kit it states the following terms and conditions:

*The maximum percentage withheld is twenty percent (20%). If you do not meet the Balanced Building requirements for your “Paid As” rank and you do
not meet the requirements for the lower ranks, the contribution will be the combined percentages up to a max of 20%. For example, if someone is “Paid
As” Ambassador and does not meet Balanced Building requirements for Ambassador and Presidential ranks by their grace period, the total percentage
withheld will be twenty percent (20%). Those Brand Partners “Paid As” Ambassador and higher who meet the Presidential rank requirements, but not the
Ambassador rank requirements, will contribute ten percent (10%) of their Cycle Bonus earnings.

These requirements are individual and not cumulative. For example, if someone is growing quickly and reaches Presidential and then advances to the
Ambassador rank the next four (4) week qualifying cycle, that does NOT waive the twelve (12) weeks to develop a Star Platinum. Additionally, the clock
will start for the Ambassador requirement twenty-four (24) weeks from that rank advancement date. PLEASE NOTE: Maintaining the leader ranks in both
teams means that although a Brand Partner may meet the highest achieved pin rank requirement, if the qualified “Paid As” rank is not MAINTAINED on
a monthly basis, the Brand Partner will be treated as if the level was not attained and forfeit the corresponding portion of their Cycle Bonus income until it
becomes qualified again.

Your basically going to succeed if your going to continue to spend the money your earning into purchasing every month those products that you wouldn’t normally purchase for yourself and retail it to consumers through memberships as Vemma customers. The challenge to this is if you don’t have serious people who sign up and don’t want to become leaders in your organization they will slow your growth and your income. (Trust me I know it happens all the time with compensations like this) This is more like me too product line as I said before there is more products in other companies doing the same thing and you must figure out how to compete with them.

You must be comfortable with hosting Vemma and Verve tasting shake parties in your home, someone elses or hotel setting and have enough support and funds to do this kind of marketing in the beginning as well. So you got to have a marketing plan in place if your going to succeed with Vemma or any company for that matter that’s the bottom line my friend. I personally don’t like sales parties I used to sell anti-aging skincare and nutrition supplements in the last company we were successful in and it’s expensive as well as time consuming when you could be earning as much as $1000 per sale with a higher ticket sale.

But you can’t match yourself up to my success the only thing you can do is work with what you have and really write out your plan. The secret to being successful online with your Vemma business is to learn about generating your own leads and driving the traffic to your website every day. That’s what we do and we are very successful and have taught this strategy to hundreds of people in other companies. You must learn how to brand yourself and become the authority online through what we call “Attraction Marketing” as well as have a funded proposal on the front end.

You must have enough leads than you have time for and always remember leads are the lifeblood to every business. If your looking for such a system to attach as a tool for your current Vemma review business then become a student at our Digital Experts Academy.

Cheers to your success,

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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