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The term Attraction Marketing might be new to some, but believe me there is already plenty of internet marketers out there using is to attract quality leads without them chasing for it. These internet marketers have been keeping the lid tight on this one, however no doubt you might have been on the receiving end of attraction marketing at some stage. Hopefully by the end of this you will start to notice it more and more.

Attraction marketing put simply is the opposite of the old school method of hard sale. For anyone that has read my previous blogs you would know I came from a background in sales. For anyone that has been in the industry you would have heard the term ABC, “Always Be Closing”.  In the online world this type of method can still be seen everywhere. You go into a forums, facebook pages, blogs, websites and social media sites and there will be a post or a thread which goes somewhere along the lines of    “Make $XXXX in Y Time”. To me, this screams spam and amateur.  They have become frustrated from not seeing results and just decided to go for the wild hay maker hoping to hit any target.

So what is the opposite of “ABC”? It is “ABE”, Always Be Engaging”. Attraction marketing is about giving first, receiving later. I am not talking about giving away free e-books, training videos or reports to entice them to be your subscribers. I am talking about giving out free valuable, “CONGRUENT” information and advice, without trying to close them. If this is done correctly, the prospects would then sign up for your free offer in exchange for their email addresses. In essence, it is building trust and relationship with your prospects. You need to give the image that you are an expert in the industry and are willing to help out by sharing your knowledge. Always leave a link to your landing page, sales page or website at the bottom of your content, DON’T push people to click on it because it will compromise your effort of attraction. If people find what you are giving out useful, they will click on to your link.


What if you are just starting out and have no valuable information to share? The beauty of sharing knowledge is that it does not have to be your own. If you come across a useful youtube clip, article or blog, share it in forums, social media sites or link it to your own blog or website.


Personal branding is the other piece of the puzzle for attraction marketing. Don’t be scared to put your face and your name out there. If you are giving out valuable useful information, people need to associate that with you! An example of this on a much larger scale is celebrities. If an actor walks down the street people will go up to them because they have a feeling of familiarity. They feel like they know them because they have seen them on the big screen, on T.V’s in their home.  If you get your personal brand out there and people call up or email you, they will get a similar feeling once you reply them. Prospects has seen your face, read your material or seen your video, if you speak to them on the phone or via email they will trust you more because your “that guy”.

Lastly, remember all this takes time. You’re not going to get people subscribing or buying your products straight away. Like I said before, it takes time to build that relationship and trust. They key is to be persistent.

By all means this is not a step by step guild on how to build your online business based on attraction material. If I was to do that it would takes days for you to finish reading or watching the material. However I hope this has shed some light on attraction marketing and given you a clear direction of where to take your business from here. Never stop learning.

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