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If you anything like me you would have joined the online marketing industry being sold on living the laptop lifestyle dream, working on a few hours a week anywhere and anytime as long as you have a laptop and internet. I have good news and bad news. The good news is yes it is possible, the bad news is BE PREPARED TO WORK YOUR BUTT OFF for a long time in order to achieve this. You WILL at times experience more stress compared to a 9 to 5 grind and you will need to invest A LOT of time and effort

Just because you joined a program which promised results in 30 days does not mean you can live the internet lifestyle in 30 days.  Now I am talking from MY past experience only, but I didn’t make any money until my subscriber list reached its first 100. And it wasn’t until I reached the 1000 subscribers milestone that the money started to come consistently. Was I living the internet lifestyle then?? Not by a long shot. I was putting in 8 hours a day into the business to ensure my list continued to grow (an hour or so was dedicated to learning. The saying “the more you learn the more you earn has never rang so true for entrepreneurs).

Enough about the bad news and time for the good news, I wanted to share with you guys today the key concepts to build a laptop lifestyle. As the title suggests affiliate marketing is an easy way for this blue print because you don’t have to worry about products, customer service and conversion. The formula for affiliate marketing is

X number of traffic = Y number of leads = Z number of sales.

X = largest number          i.e 100 people

Y = smaller number         i.e 47 people

Z = smallest number       i.e 5 people

It is just a numbers game  (very important you remember this) and the only thing you as an affiliate marketer need to concentrate on is traffic and leads, nothing else. Please note today I am not showing you how to get traffic and leads, I am sure the internet is flooded with those information or you can read some of my previous blogs.


Don’t be an opportunity seeker. The difference between a successful entrepreneur and an opportunity seeker is persistent. An entrepreneur will stick with one venture and make it work no matter how long it will take. An opportunity seeker jumps from venture to another. When they don’t get results from their current business, they will dump it and seek a new program promising bigger and better things. Making you first dollar online takes time, it even takes longer to add a few 0’s behind that 1 and make it consistent. There are no barriers to entry to internet marketing, anyone can do it. But there are also no barriers to exit which means a lot of people will pack up and play elsewhere soon after.


Start your marketing campaigns small and reinvest the profit. I am of course referring to paid traffic methods. If you are currently doing free traffic methods I highly recommend putting a little bit of cash aside for paid advertising if you are serious about online business. Whether you are doing E-Zine advertising, Pay per Click or email marketing, don’t spend your profits, reinvest it back so your next campaign can be on a slightly larger scale. REPEAT. When I first started with email marketing I started with a very small amount. I was putting my own money into it and any profit I generated was reinvested back to the next email campaign. Because I had more money for the next campaign, I bought more emails. The goal of reinvesting your profits is that eventually you don’t have to put your own money into it, the profits generated from the campaign will fund the next one and eventually that  campaign will be paying for itself.  Once you are getting a decent return from one form of paid advertising, take 20% of the profit and start a different form of paid traffic campaign and repeat the above process. Now you might be thinking so when do I get to keep any of the profits? That will be entirely up to you to decide. I didn’t start taking profits from my business until several of my paid advertising campaigns were self-funding. Keep in mind I gave up all my social life, quit smoking and lived on instant noodles even thought I was making money online. You might not want to go to that extreme.


Automation is the key. You can automate your entire marketing campaign whether it is free traffic or paid traffic methods. For the sake of not dragging out this article for too long I am not going into details on how to automate your business. There is plenty of information out there on automation and I will write a separate blog if there are enough requests for it.  But for now, keep in mind you can automate your business ONLY WHEN your marketing campaigns is self-funded. For free traffic, you can automate your blogging to article writing and blogging distributions and much more.


The stock portfolio approach. Having one automated affiliate marketing business is not enough. Once you are at this stage, you need to start thinking of that business as an asset. Rich Dad Poor Dad’s definition of an asset is something that puts money into your pocket without you working for it. This is where you need to repeat the ENTIRE process but in another affiliate program. By now it should be easier as you have the knowledge, skills and money to build up another affiliate business quite quickly. The aim is to build the portfolio of affiliate marketing businesses like a mutual fund. You need businesses in different industries. Some of the good industries to have in your portfolio are the money making industry, weight loss industry, dating industry and traveling industry.

So there you have it, the blue print to an internet life style WITH financial freedom. And if the entire process looks time consuming that’s because it is, but the reward is much worth the effort. One thing I cannot stress enough is be patient, and be persistent. It takes a long time to build a successful offline business, your online business is no different.